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Monogamy Trailer Starring Rashida Jones and Chris Messina

Monogamy Trailer: A Darker Look at the Pressures of Commitment

Monogamy is not a romantic comedy. Given its title (and the fact that it stars Rashida Jones and Chris Messina), it sounds like the natural setup for something cute and light. But the film is not only dark, it's creepy. Messina stars as Theo, a wedding photographer planning for his nuptials to his fiancée Nat (Rashida Jones). Theo's life is pretty run-of-the-mill until he starts mixing up his photography work. Clients hire him to candidly capture their everyday routines (think of it as a personal paparazzo); but when he becomes infatuated with a particular customer (Meital Dohan), Theo spirals into a new sexual obsession.

This isn't the first Hollywood drama to address cheating or temptation, but the story's voyeurism aspect adds a new spin on the all too common theme. Even though Theo isn't actively engaging in sex with his mysterious client, can his consuming desire for her be considered infidelity? The film seems to raise these sorts of uncomfortable questions (read: maybe you shouldn't see this one with your partner). Critics already gave it their stamp of approval at the Tribeca Film Festival, so if you're anxious to take a peek for yourself, just


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