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More "Californication" Coming for Showtime

Looks like David Duchovny's return to TV is for real: Showtime has ordered a second season of his new show, "Californication," after just four episodes.

The first episode drew in a decent 550,000 viewers, but the following three episodes have done better, and about 90 percent of the audience for "Weeds" is sticking around to watch the plight of Hank Moody. Ratings data also shows the series appealing equally to both men and women. A dozen episodes have been ordered for the second season, and The Hollywood Reporter is saying it will begin production in April for a premiere next summer.

I haven't seen the show since the first episode, but I just ordered Showtime this week, so I'll be catching up with my own little "Californication" mini-marathon soon. In the meantime, have any of you been watching? And is another season of Duchovny as Hank good news for you?

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saturngirl saturngirl 9 years
I also love this show. It's getting better as each week passes (although I could have lived without the image of "the devil's threesome" from last week's episode). I can't wait to see what's in store for Season 2!
vivi_g vivi_g 9 years
this is the best show on the air right now! I absolutely love the writing, the characters and Hank Moody - he IS 'that LA guy' I know and love so well... crazy and self destructive but oh so human... Love it!!!
LadyLibertine LadyLibertine 9 years
after what I heard of the first episode I wont be watching this.
lesley1216 lesley1216 9 years
I heard a lot of good things about this show--I'm definitely going to tune in and see what all the buzz is about!
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i haven't seen this yet - but now i really want to!
MamaD MamaD 9 years
Duchovny is so raunchy in this show that he's delicious!!!!I can't get enough of it!! I was never a fan of his before and decided to give the show a chance and am I glad I did!!! And Evan Handler from SATC is amazing as a closet freak!!!!I am a little bugged out by the fact that the little girl from THE NANNY, Madeline Zima is old enough to simulate sex in a role!!! Boy that makes me feel old!!!
La-Belle La-Belle 9 years
duchovny really amazes me in this show...i NEVER wouldve thought he couldve played this role and im pleasantly surprised! the show is fabulous
Allytta Allytta 9 years
i watch it now, but it will propably be deleted from my must watch list when i go back to uni and work. it's very slow and kinda boring. it's for a specific audience. you have to really love that kind of lifestyle to chose it if you have little time to watch shows. prison break/heroes/lost/24 will be at the top. 30 rock, californication at the botton. but I'll still watch weeds, it's so much more fun and more action. it's never boring.
Scarlet Scarlet 9 years
Yay! I love Californication so far.
Cruise2008 Cruise2008 9 years
The acting is brilliant! The writting is brilliant! the directing is brilliant! enough said! LOL I am hooked! HANK I love You. David Duchovny is great.
vrico2005 vrico2005 9 years
I :LOVE: this show!
jdots24 jdots24 9 years
awsome! I love this show! Its so ridiculous and funny
pebby01 pebby01 9 years
i watch the show, but i agree with phil: it's not as good as other shows out there. sometimes i don't think the acting is that great, and i can't relate to the stories at all. but i guess for me, it's one of those guilty pleasure type shows.
ayanaphil ayanaphil 9 years
I haven't been watching that is only because I wanted to catch up on all of Weeds before I started on another series. I do plan to watch it OnDemand this weekend.
jason jason 9 years
I think the show is hilarious. Duchovny is awesome.
Phil Phil 9 years
Yes!!! I've been really concerned for the life of this show because I haven't really heard any buzz about it going around. None of my regular entertainment sites pay much attention to Californication. This is great news because I'm addicted to this show! I've watched the past four episodes and, though it's not really as amazing of a show as others, it has it's moments and all the characters are starting to come into being. Like the seemingly systematic assimilation of Hank's daughter by his (kind of)ex-wife's fiance. So happy to have a second season to look forward to!
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