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Movie Night: Films for the Indecisive

So many movies, so little time. Thankfully, BuzzSugar is here to help you sort through them all! Each week, we'll choose a theme for a Movie Night and feature three must-see movies in keeping with that theme. This week's theme: films for the indecisive.

From which salad dressing to order to what movie to watch, sometimes it’s just too hard to choose. Instead of flipping a coin, I like to pull out these three movies and watch the characters fumble their way through major life decisions.

His Girl Friday
Hildy Johnson (Rosalind Russell) is convinced she's ready to leave the newspaper business. She's tired of being the fast-talking, cigarette-smoking lady in a room full of men who call their secretaries "sweetheart," and she wants to quit her job and marry a wet blanket named Bruce. But her ex-editor (and ex-husband), Walter Burns (Cary Grant), has other ideas and talks her into doing one last story. Somehow, in just a few hours, Hildy manages to report on a jail break, uncover a corruption scandal, and hide a convicted murderer inside a roll-top desk — all while wearing heels and a ridiculous hat. She's left to decide whether to hop on a train to Albany with Bruce or stay in New York City, keep her job and make out with Cary Grant. Tough choice.

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Empire Falls
Miles Roby (Ed Harris) swore he'd get out of the sleepy, insular Maine town where he grew up. Yet for some reason, he's still there, well into his 40s, tending the family restaurant and spending too much time obsessing over his dead mother. In this HBO adaptation of Richard Russo's remarkable novel, Miles dreams of moving to Martha's Vineyard with his teenage daughter, but he can't quite commit to saying goodbye to home. Harris is great as the mild-mannered — OK, spineless — Miles, who's the very portrait of someone torn between a familiar place and the big, scary world outside.

Flirting With Disaster
In David O. Russell's Flirting With Disaster, Mel Coplin (Ben Stiller) is an adopted man who realizes he can't possibly name his baby son until he's discovered his roots. He and wife Nancy (Patricia Arquette) set off on a cross-country search for Mel's birth family, joined by an incompetent case worker (Tea Leoni) and a pair of humorless FBI agents who also happen to be a gay couple interested in adopting. It's a comedy filled with mishaps, including broken glass collectibles, smashed trucks, and a wayward dose of LSD. By the time the entourage finally reaches the right house, Mel’s not so sure he wants to share genes with these people after all.

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