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Movie Preview: 300

I am partial toward movies that can entertain and educate me at the same time, whether about the British monarchy (The Queen) or an unsolved serial-killer case (Zodiac). That's my excuse for really wanting to see the epic new action movie, 300, in IMAX. I figure not only will it rule, but it might also teach me something about Spartan and Persian history.

Opening nationwide this Friday in both regular and IMAX theaters, the movie combines live action and animation for an effect that's sort of like Lord of the Rings meets Sin City. At the same time, it looks like nothing I've ever seen on film. 300 is based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller, who also wrote Sin City, but this time, he's zeroing in on the ancient Battle of Thermopylae, an epic match-up that pitted the Spartans against the much larger Persian army. The movie stars Gerard Butler (the Phantom in the recent Phantom of the Opera movie) and David Wenham, who I loved as Farimir in the LOTR trilogy.

Are you guys interested in seeing 300? Watch the trailer and tell me after you

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

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