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Movie Preview: American Teen

Man, people love to push the whole "this generation's Breakfast Club" angle with the documentary American Teen (though the poster for it, ah, doesn't help). I suppose this makes sense, but only in that The Breakfast Club featured timeless high school themes and characters. Yet, The Breakfast Club was still fiction, and a documentary is always going to be more complex and more nuanced than the stereotypes in a scripted film.

The movie follows four Indiana teenagers — introduced in the trailer as The Jock, The Princess, The Rebel and The Geek — as they go through their senior year of high school. It's both a familiar chronicling of the ups and downs of high school as well as a revealing look at how teens today are quite different from those of other generations. This was one of my favorite movies at Sundance a few months ago, and I plan on seeing it again when it opens July 25. To check out the trailer,


Photo courtesy of Paramount Vantage

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