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Movie Preview: Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock

Movie Preview: Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock

You might see the word "Woodstock" and feel like we've seen enough about the famous music festival, but this trailer for Ang Lee's first English-language film since Brokeback Mountain actually looks like it might have something new to add to the story. Taking Woodstock is kind of hilariously hard to figure out: In the lead role there's comedian Demetri Martin (who you may know from his TV show Important Things With Demetri Martin) — and then people like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Emile Hirsch, Liev Schreiber, and Eugene Levy pop up throughout the trailer and it's like, whaaa?

The movie is based on a memoir about a motel owner and his parents who are instrumental in helping the hippies pull off the seminal 1969 rock concert. This description from the book makes the movie all the more fascinating: "Hounded by the guilt that he can't live up to his parents' standards and riven by his own covert homosexuality, Tiber pokes fun at what he calls the Teichberg Curse, a scourge that won't allow the family to escape financial ruin." I wonder if that stuff is explored in the movie? We'll have to wait until Aug. 14 to find out.

I'm still wrapping my head around this trailer, but I'm optimistic. To see for yourself,


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Advah Advah 8 years
Can't wait to see that film! I thought Emile Hirsch was pretty bad in Into the Wild, so I'd love to see him try something different! On a side note, the trailer's made me pretty nostalgic; I used to watch Woodstock religiously for years, it made me so happy! The first time I watched it when I was 7 or so, I even made my parents play it twice in a row haha!
jgulli3 jgulli3 8 years
Can't wait for this movie to come out!! :-)
Nitachequita Nitachequita 8 years
I LOVE that Ang Lee doesn't pigeonhole himself into any particular genre. This movie looks great.
ship9i ship9i 8 years
love Emile. Can't wait. Laughing out loud
kafarine-tin-tin kafarine-tin-tin 8 years
Yay! This looks awesome! I love Demetri Martin! Can't wait. :D
emalove emalove 8 years
I'm a big fan of Emile Hirsch too...can't wait!
fashion4ward fashion4ward 8 years
OMFG! I'm surprised the trailer came out so early. I beyond love Emile and Demetri. I'm freaking out!
Mariana48 Mariana48 8 years
cant be bad with both demitry and emile! cant wait!~
penguins268 penguins268 8 years
This looks great, I love Emilie Hirsh.
yihaw10 yihaw10 8 years
i love demetri martin! can't wait for this movie
amofoz amofoz 8 years
I didn't find it all that hard to figure out. Looks pretty cool to me!
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
Uhm Yes please! Liev looked AWESOME!
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