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Movie Preview: Appaloosa

Appaloosa hasn't really been on my radar since the casting news was first announced over a year ago, which I find odd, especially since it stars some pretty big names, is directed by Ed Harris, and looks all Western epic-y. By contrast, we've had to see every new photo and poster and trailer for Australia as that film has been in production — and that one's coming out two months after this one. So, I find the lack of Appaloosa awareness to be strange.

Then again, the trailer's not totally fascinating. It's a dusty, dramatic Western. There are manly men (Viggo Mortensen, Ed Harris, Jeremy Irons) and guns and a brief flash or two of a woman's face (Renee Zellweger). The plot description states, "Two friends hired to police a small town that is suffering under the rule of a rancher find their job complicated by the arrival of a young widow."

My favorite thing is the tagline on the movie's official website: "Feelings get you killed."

Is the fact that we haven't heard much about this a bad thing? Not necessarily. But I'm still a little puzzled. Appaloosa opens in limited release Sept. 17 before its wide release Oct. 3. To check out the trailer,


Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

juliarose23 juliarose23 9 years
hmm looks interesting....
alethia037 alethia037 9 years
I love Ed Harris... I'm excited to see him in something a little different for him.
Nitachequita Nitachequita 9 years
I'm so psyched to see Ed and Viggo together again, although Renee kinda brings that excitement down a notch...she always takes me out of the movie.
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
I'm excited about it! My family has raised Appaloosa's our whole life, so I hope the story is about the breed! Somehow, I doubt it. But heck, if the movie is named after one of my favorite things, it can't be ALL bad.
fashion4ward fashion4ward 9 years
Looks very good and with such an amazing cast! I'm not sure if I'll see it, though.
nimue nimue 9 years
mmm i might see it just because of the big name actors in it, but westerns aren't really my thing.
nancita nancita 9 years
I agree that it's not super thrilling, but it is a good cast, with some handsome and talented actors. I'll see anything with Viggo but this actually looks pretty good. I also love Renee's wardrobe.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i knew that the name was familiar - i heard about it as well when they were talking about who joined the cast. it's really not my style of movie - but i'm always game to see something that's more of a period piece if it means that i get to see actors that i like
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