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Movie Preview: Fanboys

It was almost a year ago that I was writing about "Darth Weinstein" and the drama surrounding the release of the ultimate fanboy movie, Fanboys.

The movie, starring Kristen Bell and Seth Rogen, follows a group of die-hard Star Wars fans on a road trip across the country to the Lucas Ranch. They run into trouble when they cross paths with another geek tribe: Trekkies. I've seen it, and boy is this a nerdy movie but it's also a lot of fun (keep an eye out for my review this week).

There was a time when fanboys across the nation worried this movie might not come out, so this weekend is their big moment. To check out the trailer after the jump and get yourself reacquainted with Fanboys,


One-sheet image courtesy of The Weinstein Company

verily verily 8 years
Looks pretty funny. I'll probably catch it sometime soon.
ansoliz ansoliz 8 years
emalove emalove 8 years
Too funny! I love Seth Rogan.
shafiii shafiii 8 years
lilprisci lilprisci 8 years
lol it looks pretty funny from the trailer
pargie pargie 8 years
Yay! I have been patiently waiting for this to come out, love the cast!
sumbum sumbum 8 years
Finally! Wasn't this movie made a couple years ago?? Can't wait to see more of Jay Baruchel!!
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