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Movie Preview: Matt Damon Is a Hilarious Informant

This trailer for the comedy The Informant has, I think, given me perma-grin. A slightly chubbier Matt Damon portrays Mark Whitacre, a real-life "Ivy League Ph.D. who was a rising star at Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) in the early 1990s. . . . Whitacre secretly gathered hundreds of hours of video and audio tapes over several years to present to the FBI which became one of the largest price fixing cases in history."

Damon re-teams with his Oceans Eleven (and Twelve and Thirteen) director Steven Soderbergh and his buddy George Clooney is an executive producer. It looks like, once again, Soderbergh got some great results from Damon, who is absolutely hilarious as this unlikely informant, a regular guy who has a bit of trouble being smooth and cool. But the best thing about it is that Damon plays the guy as bumbling without making him seem somehow mentally deficient. Too many actors don't seem to know how to be funny without making their characters seem stupid, but Damon makes his Mark seem intelligent as well as endearingly human.

The preview says The Informant will open in September. To check out the funny trailer,


Source: IMDB

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