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When Spike Lee isn't making waves with his speech, he's making movies that also provoke. The latest addition to his canon, Miracle at St. Anna, will be out this Fall, and this week brought us the first glimpse of its trailer. The film is an adaptation of a novel by the same title and follows the harrowing story of four African-American soldiers trapped in an Italian village during World War II.

This is the first feature-length film Lee has released since his terrific 2006 "joint" Inside Man, and based on the trailer, it looks like he may have found a way to examine history, tell a great story, and entertain all in one film. In fact, this looks like the kind of moving, sweeping tale that the folks who give out Oscars tend to enjoy. I wonder if we are seeing a preview of a potential 2008 nominee? Time will tell!

Miracle at St. Anna opens Sept. 26. To watch the trailer for yourself,



Ms--Anonymous Ms--Anonymous 9 years
September is too far away!!!=( Can't wait to see this....
Gothicliner Gothicliner 9 years
A quote from the novel (p262): ".... Stamps couldn't stand the Brazilians. He'd visited their camp once. It was filthy. No latrines. They didn't even bother to bury their shit. The Gurkhas were even worse. They were psychotic, with their long robes and swords and screaming death cries. He heard they died by the dozens from tuberculosi because their bodies weren't used to the cold..." Any Brazilians offended? As for the Gurkhas, they don't wear robes, they carry knives (kukris), not swords, and come from the mountains of Nepal, where it can get quite cold.
Ms--Anonymous Ms--Anonymous 9 years
Both Eastwood and Lee played the same card on each other and to be honest neither was fully right in their accusations....WHO CARES? It's a movie some of it is bound to be fictional as with most other movies by other directors.I think both of them are phenomenal and will be seeing Miracle and Changeling....
Gothicliner Gothicliner 9 years
The event depicted in the movie took place on August 12, 1944. Troops from the 16th SS Panzer Division killed 560 people, including 116 children. No US troops, let alone African-Americans, were involved. One villager stated: "It's a false reconstruction that does not take account of the historical reality," adding "This sort of fiction should be banned, otherwise the damage to the memory and historical truth will be very serious." I don't believe in banning anything, and plan on seeing this movie. That said, I think Lee needs to get his own act together before hurling stones at Clint Eastwood in an obvious effort to promote his own fantasies.
Gothicliner Gothicliner 9 years
Sorry, but Lee played the card with Eastwood. I read the book, you saw the trailer. I know what to expect, and it isn't impressive.
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 9 years
thank you ms anonymous. it looks like a great movie. and let's be real, the majority of war movies are historically incorrect. so let's not play that card.
Ms--Anonymous Ms--Anonymous 9 years
Regardless of any "historical errors or stereotypical characters" it still looks like an amazing movie! Spike Lee is a genius and I would love to see him receive an Oscar...
Gothicliner Gothicliner 9 years
I love the Germans marching along an Italian mountain road in perfect parade formation. Who did Spike get as a technical consultant for this film - the director of the Morehouse band? I have read "Miracle of St Anna" and it is a joke, full of stereotypical characters and ridiculous historical errors. Anyone who has been in the infantry will not be thrilled with this cartoonish story.
penguins268 penguins268 9 years
oh this looks good!!
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