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Movie Preview: The Time Traveler's Wife

Movie Preview: The Time Traveler's Wife

Phew! It's finally here. The fact that we've waited this long for the The Time Traveler's Wife trailer — and the fact that the release date has been pushed back (originally to February 2010!) — had me mighty worried, not gonna lie. I wondered if there were serious issues with the movie that might ultimately delay the release even more, or I thought the studio was ashamed of it! But now the trailer is here and it's just . . . beautiful. And tender, and sweet, and filled with love.

For those who haven't read the book, it's a story about Henry (Eric Bana) and Clare (Rachel McAdams) whose love is unique because Henry can travel through time. Their relationship spans Clare's entire life as Henry travels to various points in Claire's past and future. The movie is now scheduled to open Aug. 14. To check out the trailer,


Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

maria7992 maria7992 8 years
I am dying to see this movie! I know for sure it's going to be a tear jerker!
zenta zenta 8 years
this looks incredible - a real tear jerker. il definitely be going to see it.
boredgourdless boredgourdless 8 years
I really hope the movie covers Henry as well as Clare...his parts of the book are incredible. Loved this book, and I am looking forward to the movie.
pargie pargie 8 years
Oooh, this will fill my journeyman void for sure! But I'm going to need for them to not show the entire movie in the trailer.
cg130 cg130 8 years
Oooh I love this book, the trailer looks great!
electricxbaby electricxbaby 8 years
fashionista119 fashionista119 8 years
This looks incredible! The trailer made me cry because it brought back all the emotion of the book (one of the best I've ever read). Can't wait to see it!
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 8 years
make sure to give the book a first its hard to get into it but after the first few pages it gets easier to follow!! AMAZING book...and perfect casting
pharm_chick pharm_chick 8 years
it looks soooo good!! i love rachel mcadams and eric bana! and im going to get a copy of this book as soon as possible
psterling psterling 8 years
Oh wow, I'm ready this book right now- I didn't realize they're making the movie too! Ok, so I'm about halfway through the book and so far its good but I wouldn't rave about it. I'm assuming something totally awesome is going to happen? No spoilers please!
La-Tua-Cantante La-Tua-Cantante 8 years
I absolutely want to see this! But I'm going to try to read the book first.
nessa17 nessa17 8 years
I have been waiting for this trailer forever. It looks like a great movie, can't wait to watch it!
zoet zoet 8 years
Wow, it looks amazing, I had some reservations about this movie when I heard about (obviously from not reading the book) but now I want to read the book and see the movie it looks extremely interesting!
akosijen akosijen 8 years
finally! i've been waiting for this movie ever since i read the book. i love rachel mcadams, but i still wish they chose someone else as henry. oh well though! hopefully it's good!
luckyme luckyme 8 years
Oh wow! I can't wait. I think the trailer was a little hokey, but they're trying to appeal to the masses, not just those of us that have read the book. I definitely shed a few tears with the bathtub/Alba scenes.
catstarr catstarr 8 years
I love this book and I'm so thrilled that the trailer is so good. The movie better be amazing.
Tech Tech 8 years
One of my favorite books of all time. I'm seeing this the second it comes out. To everyone: You MUST read the book!
redchick152 redchick152 8 years
this has been on my reading list for while, but i think i'm going to move it to the top!
sidra5397 sidra5397 8 years
Looks great!
Beauty Beauty 8 years
The book is on my reading list... but I wish they had filmed in South Haven. Bella high-school town represent!
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