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Movie Review: Made of Honor

Made of Honor: Bland and Tiresome

Here's the thing about Made of Honor: If one intends to make a weak, watery romcom that is essentially the remake of a preexisting movie (My Best Friend's Wedding) with the genders reversed, at the very least one should seek out a supremely charismatic lead actor. Patrick Dempsey's sniveling, whiny, soulless depiction of Tom, our womanizing protagonist, is just not entertaining. Sometimes he's downright annoying. And when the audience doesn't really feel like rooting for the main character of a romcom, what's the point?

As the previews for the movies have explained ad nauseum, Tom (Dempsey) is a "dashing" New Yorker who sleeps with every woman in sight — except for his best-best-friend Hannah (Monaghan), with whom he pals around the city, eating desserts and taking her to his father's many weddings. Hannah also patiently listens to all of Tom's latest sexual escapades, which he prevents from becoming Something More by adhering to a strict set of rules (i.e. no sleeping with the same woman two nights in a row). He's a commitmentphobe nearly to the point of absurd paranoia. The assumption is that he'll never settle down. Or will he? Of course, you know the answer to that but still,


When Hannah goes off to Scotland for a six-week business trip, Tom realizes that he misses her and finally decides that he's going to tell Hannah he has feelings for her, though mostly he just seems like he's pouting because he's lost his confidant for a few weeks. Anyway, she returns and, to Tom's dismay, has brought along her new fiance, a high-profile Scot named Colin McMurray (Kevin McKidd). She asks him to be her maid of honor and he accepts. But by now, his group of guy buddies have been hearing Tom whine about how much he wants to be with Hannah, so with their help he plots to steal Hannah away from Colin. Predictable shenanigans ensue.

Save a few jokes (mostly one gag having to do with the Scottish accent) Made of Honor isn't funny and it's even less charming. The script is trite and we've seen it a million times before. However, it does have three things going for it. One: Michelle Monaghan is lovely, darling, and funny. In fact, the few moments of humor that aren't just pratfalls and flailing waiters are entirely because of her. Two: The scenes in Scotland are lush and gorgeous. Three: There are some adorable dogs in this movie. Aside from those things, it's just so boring.

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