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Movie Review: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2: Maybe Even Better Than the First

At one point in the second installment of the stories surrounding girls who have pants and will travel, an exasperated Carmen (America Ferrera) says something like, "Can we just please focus on the pants?!" And yet, that's the thing I find most refreshing about this sequel: there's not really a focus on the pants. The fact that Carmen has to remind her friends to think about the pants is a good sign in this case; the focus should be on these girls and their friendships, not two tubes of faded, magic denim. And as the girls have grown older and more mature, in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 they're centering on the important stuff: their relationships, their goals, finding themselves and supporting each other.

Like the first movie, this one consists of four separate storylines that occasionally intersect. When we are reintroduced to the four friends, they're all in college: Tibby's (Amber Tamblyn) making movies at NYU, Carmen is at Yale and does backstage work at Yale's School of Drama, and Lena (Alexis Bledel) is painting (and cavorting with the insanely hot model Leo, played by Jesse Williams) at Rhode Island School of Design. Bridget (Blake Lively) doesn't yet know her major, but she decides to try her hand at archeology for the time being. After spending the year at their respective schools, Carmen, in particular, is anxious to have some good sisterhood time together over the Summer — only to find out the other three won't be in town at all. So, Carmen decides to do her own thing and goes to work backstage at a theater in Vermont.

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Each of the girls struggles with various issues: romantic insecurities, feeling left out of or misunderstood by their families, exploring new career paths, learning that they're good at stuff they never knew they could do, etc. The main challenge facing the sisterhood now is that the four are scattered and seem to be growing apart — until they come together on a common mission having to do with Lena's boy troubles. Everything wraps up well, but not in a ridiculously far-fetched fairy-tale way.

Ferrera and Tamblyn completely carry the film, acting-wise, each possessing a strong presence onscreen, clear motivations and fantastic comedic timing. Lively is very pretty and easily pulls off the switching back and forth between Sad Face and perky all-American girl. Bledel is. . . also pretty. Her range is so limited, however, that many of her scenes are simply devoid of anything interesting. Then again, with her storyline we often have either the gorgeous Greek setting or Jesse Williams to stare at.

Of course the movie is heartwarming and sweet, but there's a surprising lack of schmaltz to it, and each of the four stories is solidly written and satisfying to watch. It's not particularly predictable nor is it too tidy. Most refreshing, I think, is the fact that these girls have ambitions and self-reflective moments that extend beyond just catching a guy (in fact, one of the stories doesn't even include a guy at all, which is an awesome change of pace). The storylines make sense for the characters, and the success or failure of their lives is not completely hinging on a guy, unlike many other female-centric movies. In keeping with what I liked about the first movie, the girls are not portrayed as weak, idiotic, or totally lost without a man. There are some real, heavyweight issues going on here, along with some good one-liners and funny deadpanning on Tamblyn's part. This is one sequel that completely works — possibly even better than the original. But even if you don't find that to be true, you're still in for a fun, compelling and totally girl-positive flick.

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gonti gonti 9 years
Masterfully directed in cutting fashion by Sanaa Hamri--no scene seems to last more than a couple of minutes, and then the pants come into play--the story has been superbly brought to the screen by Elizabeth Chandler, and the four lead actresses are all t I m watched Movies Here You could try to I've recommended it to a lot of people on here and I've gotten good reviews
Larysa Larysa 9 years
I can't wait, until it's on DVD, cause I'm going to rent it!
emmebeth emmebeth 9 years
I was so excited about seeing the movie- but I was sorely disappointed. It lacked any sort of flow from one character to the next, and Lena and Bridget could just as easily have been cut from the movie.
pinky23 pinky23 9 years
i saw this on friday with my little sister, and we were both crying (tears of joy!) by the end. it was so well made. i definitely want to visit greece now! :)
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
lucyS - Yeah that British guy, Ian, creeped me out too. I usually think guys are much hotter if they have British accents but he seemed a little stalker-ish to me. MuggleCrazed - There are some elements of the second book in this movie, especially with Bridget visiting her grandmother and what Kostos does in the beginning of this movie. By the way, I thought Alexis Bledel was a competent actress in this movie. I cried at the way she said "He broke my heart." Sometimes I thought she couldn't handle emotional scenes well on Gilmore Girls, but I thought she did well in this one even though her material wasn't as heavy as the other girls.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
I saw this movie on Friday and I liked it a lot, definitely better than the first one. I agree with wadewifey3, I thought Tibby's and Carmen's storylines were the most interesting, but Lena's was nice too ( :drool: I love Kostos). But I have to say I related to Bridget's storyline the most, because my mother died when I was preteen (although she didn't commit suicide) and I really sympathize with Carmen as well. I desperately want to go to Santorini now, too.
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 9 years
Ya everybody gasped when Kostos showed up in my theater too! I really liked this movie. I did like it better than the first one Buzz. To me Carmen and Tibby carried the movie and I also liked Lena's plot. Blake Lively could have been cut from the movie and I wouldn't have noticed.
Sarahab145 Sarahab145 9 years
my favourite part was being in the theatre with all women. when kostos popped onto the screen everyone gasped! Then everyone burst into laughter as soon as they realized everyone just gasped, it was a fun movie to see in theatres
RustyAngel73 RustyAngel73 9 years
I adore the books and the first movie, too. Can't wait to see this one, although I also wish they'd done the 3 sequels as separate movies also...will be interesting to see how they blend it all together. It just seems like there will be so much left out, but I'm sure it'll be fantastic anyway.
chancleta chancleta 9 years
i was unsure about this and your review totally sold me ;) thanks!
Stoned Stoned 9 years
I'll wait for the DVD but I really liked the first one.
MuggleCrazed MuggleCrazed 9 years
I'm glad it's supposed to be good. My only problem is that they never turned the 2nd book into a movie. I absolutely loved the 2nd book. The plot, the characters, everything.
TannisRoot TannisRoot 9 years
I just saw this and agree completely with this review. America Ferrera is wonderful, per usual, and Amber Tamblyn is also fun and quirky in a non-annoying way. Not having seen the original, I wasn't blown away by the other two actresses and think they're probably better suited to tv, but it's a really sweet and non-patronizing film regardless. It would be great if this were to beat the latest from the Apatow factory at the box office.
nessa17 nessa17 9 years
i saw this today. it was pretty good and even had some hilarious parts. they all did a good job acting and the guys in the movie are very hot especially LEO!
Cris1192 Cris1192 9 years
OMG they only made that movie 'cause blake lively and america ferrera shot to stardom
lucyS lucyS 9 years
I saw this movie this afternoon with my neices. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought America Ferrera was excellent although the British guy she was paired with was a tad strange, imo. Alexis Bledel was definitely the weak link here acting wise, I totally agree with you there Buzz.
girlgreen girlgreen 9 years
Sounds cute and I'll definitely Netflix it. It's not like you have to wait very long these days. "Bledel is...also pretty." OUCH!
karisaamy karisaamy 9 years
I thought the first was so cute, I watched it this weekend again when it was on tv, it made me want to watch the second one.
suziryder suziryder 9 years
I want to see this! I was surprised at loving the first one. I'll probs wait to Netflix it, though. I don't know if my fiance would be eager to shell out over twenty bucks to see this, and I don't think it's crucial to see this on the big screen.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
I love the books; I have been curious for a while now to see how they will roll three books into one movie.
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 9 years
I'll probably watch it when it comes to HBO. I liked the 1st one but I'm not crazy about seeing this one.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
I actually want to see this, even though I wasn't bowled over by the first movie. I wish they would do more sequels, but I think America Ferrara didn't want to commit to four movies (total) so they just crammed in all of the sequels into one movie. Plus, I think they would be too old by the time the last movie rolled around. Anyway, I can't wait to see this!
bosworthfan bosworthfan 9 years
Yay! I can't wait to see it!!
jopperma jopperma 9 years
I'm going to go see this with my bridesmaids after my shower this weekend... though we have yet to find a pair of jeans that fits us all, it is a good girly bonding movie!
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