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Buzz In: What Movies Were Too Scary for You as a Kid (But You Watched Anyway)?

The Dark Knight is rated PG-13 and a lot of friends and relatives with kids have asked me if it's too scary for the little ones. Though it's a superhero story about Batman — and lots of kids love Batman — I think I would've been frightened by it if I were a kid!

It makes me remember when my parents would warn me that a movie was too scary, or would deny me access to one, even when I felt confident I could handle it. I was just a little kid at the time but I remember peeking through my bedroom door, furious that my parents were watching Gremlins while I was supposed to be sleeping, only to have seven nights of nightmares in a row as a result. I also sneaked a look at The Lost Boys at one point — during the scene when the noodles turn into worms, I recall — which sent me scrambling for safety under my covers.

What movies did you see that were probably too scary for you at the time?

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