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Eclipse Soundtrack Reveal: Muse's "Neutron Star Collision"

After breathlessly reporting the full tracklist of the Eclipse soundtrack last week, now I have something even better: the first song to listen to! It's by Muse, perpetual Twilight soundtrack participant, and the track is "Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)."

It's a grand, epic, and dramatic tune — very Edward and Bella, and perfectly fitting for the third Twilight installment. I also like how the title is a none-too-subtle reference to vampire immortality. The rest of the Eclipse soundtrack will be available June 8, so until then, listen to Muse's contribution when you


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whiterabbit1 whiterabbit1 7 years
In my opinion I think that the soundtrack for 'Twilight' was the best so far of the soundtracks for the saga -- will have to wait to hear more of the music from 'Eclipse' to decide if it eclipses (ha!) the 'Twilight' music. Crimson Tide, music is supposed to help to tell/move along the story in a movie and ultimately should elevate the movie (ANY movie). Music in movies has always been a big part of the movie experience for me -- so when the music sucks I think it definitely takes away from the story being told. Maybe we shouldn't expect Oscar-worthy music from Muse for this movie soundtrack but if producers for this movie only wanted music in the movie for fangirls who can't comprehend something long or complex then the producers have seriously made a mistake (just for starters, we're not all 'fangirls'). This song actually dumbs down the story and I can't see that it will in any way elevate the movie. Muse (and the producers) should give everyone something to contemplate, not lay it out embarrassingly in plain sight that is smacks you in the face. The music should move us, not PUSH us! I think that the 'Twilight' soundtrack elevated that movie and filled in some gaps of the story that were unfortunately missed in the translation from the page to the screen. For example, the addition of Rob's music was heartbreaking and really helped add to the story in my opinion (too bad he didn't contribute to 'New Moon'). If music like this Muse song is the music we can expect for 'Eclipse' then I hope the rest of what they show us on screen seriously burns it up because otherwise we are in for a serious letdown. :( Susan03, I also think that this Muse song is way too forced. I think they dropped the ball too but so did the producers of the movie for accepting such drivel. I hate saying that because I love Muse. And, yes, I agree . . . you can't dismiss 'Supermassive Black Hole' (even if actually a pre-Twilight song) -- that song is genius and sooo addictive, like our own brand of (musical) heroin! LOL! ;)
gd101 gd101 7 years
@Karla28 i agree!
karla28 karla28 7 years
But the more you listen to it, it does grow on you.
karla28 karla28 7 years
This song is not great, but I still like it.
intensebandgeek intensebandgeek 7 years
On a side note, I always thought a song like "Sunburn" would be fitting for the Twilight Saga.
intensebandgeek intensebandgeek 7 years
I completely agree with everyone! Being a huge MUSE fan, I was looking forward to hearing this. I am really disappointed, and as Susan03 said it is really contrived. Cheesy, musically boring, and that drum part is a direct rip-off from Knights of Cydonia, which makes me believe they were rushed in recording this. It's hard for me to blame Bellamy, so I blame Twihards for this one. Muse is so much better than this.
yellowrocker yellowrocker 7 years
Miss the old MUSE, i wish it could be back in the Showbiz, or the Origin of Symmetry, or the Absolution days. Now i just think that Matt Bellamy, even tho a genius, smart as he is, he is kind of blinded by fame and aliens as of the moment. Please Matt we miss you! Don't do it for just for our twilighter hearts or our obsessive fanatisims, Do it for the music, the REAL FANS, and Dom, and Chris. Please Matt WE MISS MUSE!!!!
gd101 gd101 7 years
i like Muse, and i like the song, its not their ultimate best, but i like it either way...
whiterabbit1 whiterabbit1 7 years
Like I said before, this song does have a hook if you listen to it again but, having said that, I think listening to it more than once is producing A LOT of awkwardness in my mind (and laughter, which I am sure was NOT their intention). I think I might even be cringing with where they will actually play this song in the movie. GAHHH, WHY?!? This CANNOT have been the best Muse could do . . . it really does not seem on par with most of their other stuff. I think I also have to reluctantly agree with you as well, bklynculture, and say that this song is garbage! I think I want to buy the CD just so I can break it over my knee and then demand my money back. I just can't believe it . . . I am bitterly disappointed.
whiterabbit1 whiterabbit1 7 years
Ummm, *reluctantly*, I think have to agree with you, Susan03 . . . Ugh . . . I really don't want to say that because I really love Muse! I think that the majority of Muse's music is just GENIUS but I think that "contrived" is the perfect word for this and I really don't like contrived music. I think I might describe it as a bit cheesy as well, which I also don't want to be thinking let alone writing. I guess it does have a hook if you listen to it again so it does have that going for it. I was just so looking forward to what they would be contributing and I am a bit disappointed . . . and I DON'T want to be. :(
bklynculture bklynculture 7 years
This song is garbage. I'm so disappointed in Muse for agreeing to record this travesty
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