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Music and Baby Boomer Opinion Piece

Baby Boomers Can't Let Their Good Old Jams Go

The following post is from rockman858, who posted it in the OnSugar blog All About Music.

Today, I am here to discuss something that has been on my mind for a few years now. We subconsciously think about it almost every time we watch a major sporting event or ceremony. We sit back in our chairs while watching this and think to our selves, "Wow, I have heard this song 146 million times". If you don't know what I am talking about by now, you probably disagree, and that's totally fine. Here's my opinion:

I am starting to become frustrated with the constant catering to the baby boomers in regards to music. When are they going to modernize their ears and truly begin listening to modern music? I went to a huge street fair over the weekend in Southern California. There were all kinds of people and countless booths selling anything you can possibly think of from cell phones to modern art. All ages from 16—60 were present. And of course, like any other street fair, there was a line up of about 12 bands playing live music on a huge stage. This was the spot where 75 percent of all the people were. Every single band that played that day was a tribute band for the baby boomer era. For example, there was a Rolling Stones tribute band, then there was a Beatles tribute band, and so on. I looked around the audience and it was clear the 50 percent of the audience was bored out of their minds ( those less than 35 years of age). The other 50 percent of the audience (the baby boomers) were absolutely stoked. How can the planners of this street fair do this?

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There was not one modern band that played. And no, it is not true that all modern bands are too vulgar for public events, look at Maroon 5 or John Mayer. Are they too obscene? No. And that is not a valid excuse. Also, the genres were so incredibly unidimensional. There were no pop groups, reggae groups, or even hard rock groups for the matter. The reason for this, most likely, is that the baby boomers were the ones buying mortgages and $20,000 dollar paintings at this event, where the modern folk was buying much simpler necessities such as a beer. This street fair is a fairly weak example, I know, but it gets the point across.


The best example that comes to mind is this last year's Superbowl where The Who headlined the show. Don't get me wrong, I love The Who and always will, but something I don't love is seeing 60 plus year old legends on stage sounding far from what they used to sound like, and playing their songs tuned two steps down because they can't hit the notes that they used to. I understand how bad ass these bands were back in the day, but my biggest point in this article is that this is a huge slap in the face for modern artists. There is so much talent out there today, yet for some reason the NFL needs to go back to 1965 to find what they are looking for. The competition for artists today, for all genres, dwarfs the competition for artists in the past with just sheer volume and different entertainment alternatives. Don't you dare throw out the Janet Jackson controversy at the Superbowl a few years ago as an argument. That is complete BS. Entertainment shall not punish the entire present music scene with one glitch. That should not even be discussed.

The Baby Boomers cannot let go of their good old jams, and won't accept modern music. There is 100 times more genres and styles today, and it baffles me how they can listen to their songs for the, literally, 1.67 millionth time and not move on. When are we going to see modern bands like Pearl Jam or the Black-eyed Peas as the headliners in events such as the Superbowl for the halftime show? . . . and don't tell me how you dislike either, that is not even close to the point.

Until the Baby Boomers can let go, the youth and everyone younger is forced to wait, bored out of their minds, while their parents have the time of their lives rocking out to songs they have heard millions of times.

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