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Music Review of the Pretty Reckless

Crushed on Concrete's Review of The Pretty Reckless

The following post is from Rachel Phipps, who posted it on the OnSugar blog Orange Blossoms Crushed on Concrete.

I think it's because I can't stand the character she plays as Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, but I've never warmed to sixteen-year-old actress, singer and model Taylor Momsen. (Or it could just be my obsession with Leighton Meester, another Gossip Girl actress and songstress dampens my view of any other girl in the show!) However, since finally getting around to listening to her first official musical offering; "Make Me Wanna Die" I think it may just be time for me to take a shine to her and her excessive amounts of black eyeliner . . . or at least her music anyway!

Her band, The Pretty Reckless, the four part outfit (Taylor Momsen on vocals and rhythm guitar, Ben Phillips on guitar, Mark Damon on bass and Jamie Perkins on drums) embodies everything I would look for in a band; a strong female vocal, they write all of their own music and they have that perfect rock with a slight edge of power pop I cherish in all my favorite groups. Taylor put the band together in 2009 but she is the only original member to still remain, and she is set to take a break from at least the start of the up and coming fourth season of Gossip Girl so she can join the band in playing Vans Warped Tour 2010 this summer, which would mean missing out on a lot of the show's filming.


To see the rest of this post, just keep reading.

"Make Me Wanna Die" is a strong and powerful 2010 rock anthem (despite being written in 2009, released on Tuesday and the self titled album in September) which grows on you the more you listen with its catchy chorus, strong drum beats and guitar pieces and layered vocals in the latter end of the song. It's also very well written; Taylor and Ben did a beautiful job on it and I think, after playing the New York live track from a while it makes the perfect first commercial single for the band.

Another one of their demo tracks, "He Loves You," has been floating around YouTube, so click the link for the audio sample!

What do you think of Little J's real life rock star persona? Or will you still give Leighton Meester's catchy dance numbers priority on your iTunes playlists?

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lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
the best part about this is hearing that Jenny won't be on the show for a while - yes!!!!!!!!
isahrangme isahrangme 7 years
wow this is exactly how i feel! i do not like taylor momsen and her too-cool-for-school attitude. she's just plain rude. sure, she doesn't have to be a sweet and dainty girl, but she doesn't have to completely throw manners and common sense out the door. but i do love her song! i feel a little bad for liking it, since i seriously dislike her. my dislike for her has translated into me disliking jenny humphrey and not rooting for her at all! but this song is actually GOOD
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