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Music Video: Coldplay, "Violet Hill"

Music Video: Coldplay, "Violet Hill"

Coldplay says its upcoming album, Viva La Vida, is taking the band in a new direction. But judging by this video, Coldplay may just be realizing its destiny as the more indie-rock and (refreshingly) less earnest equivalent to U2. I mean that in the best possibly way, because I have a serious Coldplay weakness, and I appreciate that the band takes itself seriously but not too seriously. This '70s-inspired, military-outfitted video for "Violet Hill" — full of faded architecture and landscape porn — could easily be pretentious in another band's hands. But Chris Martin (looking good, I must say) and Co. add enough cheekiness to make it endearing. To watch,

What do you think? Will you get the new album when it comes out in June?


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anna100 anna100 9 years
Love it and can't wait for the album. Everything I have heard so far has made me really excited about the new album. I've pre-ordered mine! I have a weakness for Coldplay too... especially for the lovely guitarist!
xlightningboltx xlightningboltx 9 years
Love Coldplay! Where have you been?!
PollyPrissyPants PollyPrissyPants 9 years
I too suffer from the Coldplay are not alone. I'm so excited for the album to come out! I'm loving the first 2 songs to be released so I can't wait to hear the rest... @MLipchick - I have to agree...I like Violet Hill but Viva La Vida blew me away!
Sassette Sassette 9 years
I can't wait for this CD! LOVE this song.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 9 years
Aw, Chris DOES look good. Go, Gwynnie! I dig the song, but in my mind, nothing can come close to their first album. Parachutes was so simple and spare and beautiful. I wish they'd go back to that.
MLipchick MLipchick 9 years
i really loved this song when i first heard it, but the REAL coldplay song to be talked about is Viva la Vida!! I always become weary when a band says they are changing their sound...but do not worry! Coldplay is going to be better than ever!
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