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Music Video: Gwen Stefani, Damien Marley, "Now That You Got It"

Music Video: Gwen Stefani, Damien Marley, "Now That You Got It"

Pop shared the music video for the Gwen Stefani/Damien Marley collaboration "Now That You Got It," and it's not too bad. Mostly I just like the hyper-bright colors and video game-type backgrounds, since I think the song itself gets to be mind-numbingly repetitive. I like the reggae elements and chill vibe, but I wish Stefani would put a little "oomph" in her vocals.

The clip after the jump is from MTV's "Total Request Live" and doesn't include the video in its entirety, so I'm curious to see what the whole thing is like. To check out Stefani and Marley and their trippy video clip,


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