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Music Video: Rihanna Feat. Ne-Yo, "Hate That I Love You"

Music Video: Rihanna Feat. Ne-Yo, "Hate That I Love You"

Rihanna forayed her last big hit into a line of umbrellas, so maybe she can spin this duet with Ne-Yo into a brand of sexy lingerie. In the new video for "Hate That I Love You," off Rihanna's latest, Good Girl Gone Bad, the scantily clad singer rolls around in the sheets while pondering the irresistible pull of a fedora-clad Ne-Yo.

Idolator speculates that the video was shot when Rihanna had a broken foot, and gratuitous sexiness aside, the video perfectly suits the sultry, dreamy ballad. Just be sure to watch until the end when you


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indielove indielove 9 years
Her foot isn't broken in this video. I saw stills for this a couple months ago also, you can see her in heels in the vid.
pinkflats pinkflats 9 years
i agree with swwonder. i think alot of people (possibily even jay z) forgets that she's only 19.
Molly Molly 9 years
Okay, I know I'm lame...I kind of love it.
nikecold nikecold 9 years
swwonder: I totally agree. I'm 18 as well and its annyoing to see these girls turn 18 and start jumping around in only a bra and panties. For some reason though, I really can't help liking her. Its true that the pouting has nothing to do with the song but I think even with all the S&M getups she still looks kind of classy compared to a lot of other girls in the industry. LOL I'm probably contradicting myself but I can't help liking her.
sochic sochic 9 years
I don't like the video because to me it doesn't complement the song. The clothes that she actually wore in the video were fab though.
SoftRockStar SoftRockStar 9 years
Ditto swwonder. This is my least favorite song on the album, and I find it hard to understand what Rihanna rolling around in bra and panties and pouting at the camera has to do with the song--a love song for that fact. I really hope she goes away because she's proving herself more and more to be a product of her label.
Zahara-Pitt Zahara-Pitt 9 years
she wont be around five years from now
swwonder swwonder 9 years
Not a Rihanna or Ne-Yo fan, so I can't say I like this song. What I don't like about Rihanna's videos (as a 19 year old talking about another) is that the fact that as soon as she hit 18 the clothes dropped off and she' turned into just another over-hyped, over-sexed teen star.
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