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My Shout Out to Jon Favreau

Now that the dust has settled around the huge Iron Man opening last weekend, I wanted to take a moment to give the director of the movie a little shout out. As buzz around Iron Man started to build, I heard a lot of people remark at what an odd canon of work Favreau has created as a director (even more so when you stick in his acting jobs) and that trusting him with the reigns of a giant film with a big-budget comic book movie seemed strange at first.

But just like casting Robert Downey Jr. struck me as totally inspired, I think Marvel knew what they were doing when trusting their big movie venture with Favreau. While his body of work may appear to be a bit random (Zathura: A Space Adventure, Elf, Swingers, Made, guest appearance on Friends), upon closer inspection it's clear that one thing ties it all together: a healthy respect for good old-fashioned storytelling. He knows what goes into a spinning a great yarn, and part of that is casting incredibly engaging lead actors (Will Ferrell in Elf, RDJ in Iron Man, etc.).

To read more about why I'm glad this guy was given the chance to direct Iron Man, and why I'm excited to see what he does next,


At this stage in the game, it's pretty hard to freshen up the regular story arc of a superhero movie, much less create a fun summer blockbuster that isn't totally reliant on CGI, and he managed both. This is why I think we can expect a lot more from Favreau the director in the future: his heart is in the craft of filmmaking and he has a strong sense of what folks wants to see. In a recent interview with the LA Times, he reflected on arguably the most successful week of his career by summarizing the way he views filmmaking these days:

Right now is an interesting time because technology is what you're using to tell stories. Really, George Lucas was the guy who made that leap from taking the primal elements of storytelling, the sort of mythic Joseph Campbell storytelling and Jungian archetypal deconstruction of storytelling, and using modern technology to amplify that and present it to a new generation. But I contend it's not the technology that draws people to it, it's the story. It's touching something in us that's much older and deeper.

Here's hoping Favreau sticks around for a long time as I think he and his movies will help to balance out the ratio of story-to-computer generated robots in Hollywood.

Are you as happy as I am for Favreau's success?


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megnmac megnmac 9 years
I'm 100% with you Buzz - they went with a fresh direction in hiring people good at their craft to tell a story. Marvel understands, in a way that studios don't always seem to, that the reason people love comics are the stories and the characters. It isn't just duping people into a brand and churning out more shlock. Rather than tanking franchise after franchise, Marvel has shown the ability to tell new and updated stories over decades, and are translating it to their approach to movies. I love Favreau, he's authentic and tries to really move his craft forward... I was even a dinner for five freak - I like to hear people talk about their work in indie movies... he and Vince Vaughn are really good playing off each others energy... ... and I don't necessarily think four commenters before you are a ton of fakes, lizlee... there may be a bandwagon, but four comments? Why go negative out the gate here? I'm sure critics and the industry were trying to create a buzz and get attention questioning his abilities. Everyone has their fans and their critics, but just because critics have been vocal doesn't mean that others really like him... give people a chance to have their own opinions.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 9 years
oh my gosh I love this guy and I didn't even know who he was LOL... I mean I didn't know he directed all those other movies or that he directed Ironman. When I saw him in the movie as Tony Stark's driver I said to my hubby hey it's Pete, Monica's boyfriend from FRIENDS! And that was it, I just thought he was a "small time" actor who I loved... I had no idea! This is so cool, can't wait to tell hubby when he wakes up lol
lizlee89 lizlee89 9 years
not to be mean, but I think it's very conveniant that all the sudden everyone has always loved Jon Favreau. I mean, even up to a few months ago, people were criticizing him, ridiculing even the idea of him directing a comic book movie, and now everyone is saying how much they have always loved him. I apologize if you always have been a JF fan, but I just think a lot of you out there are phonies. as for me, I can honestly swear that I love(d) Swingers, love(d) him in Friends, didn't like Made a lot, LOVE LOVE LOVE Elf, and thought Zathura was pretty good. and, of course, Iron Man is my favorite movie of the year (mainly because of robert Downey, Jr. though), so I can honestly say that I have always thought that Jon Favreau is "so money"...
MissMarisol MissMarisol 9 years
I am so happy for him. I had the biggest crush on him when he was on Friends.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
I absolutely loved Elf and I actually liked him when he was with Monica on Friends in Season 3, even though I didn't want them to end up together. He does really deserve this success.
Francesca-Fiore Francesca-Fiore 9 years
I agree with you completely Buzz. It took a while for me to grow fond of Favreau; I wasn't a huge fan of Swingers (thanks to all the frat guys that adopted it as their personal bible) and I didn't watch Friends so I didn't get into him there. But I really liked Made, and I thought Elf was straight up brilliant. He takes risk with casting and from what I have seen, he does a great job of putting together a satisfying story and overall experience. I too am looking forward to what he does next!
radarkitty radarkitty 9 years
I am very happy for Jon! :woohoo: I've always liked him.
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