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15 Reasons My So-Called Life Is Still Relevant to Your Life

Aug 30 2016 - 3:05am

For some reason, back to school season always reminds us of My So-Called Life [1], otherwise known as the angsty drama that launched Claire Danes [2]'s career. The show was only on for one season between 1994 and 1995, but it proved to be extremely influential. Almost anyone who has watched it can relate to Angela Chase (Danes) and her introspective attitude about high school. The character had a lot of great quotes about love and sex [3], but she also just had a unique perspective about life. Whether you watched the show when it was on or caught up with the DVD box set years later, you might relate to some of these life lessons My So-Called Life taught us all.

Don't Be Afraid to Assert Your Individuality

There Are Fundamental Differences Between Boys and Girls

Eyes Are the Windows to the (Very Angsty) Soul

Girlfriends Are Superimportant

Guys Don't Always Understand Fashion

Question Everything

Dance Like No One (Except That Weird Girl) Is Watching

A Look Can Speak a Thousand Words

Kissing Is Awkward at First

But It Gets Better

It Gets So Much Better

Everyone Needs a Quirky Best Friend

Your Turtleneck Makes a Perfect Place to Take a Quick Time-Out

The Only Item of Clothing You Really Need Is an Oversize Shearling Jacket

Remember: Things Won't Always Be This Angsty

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