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Round One of the Cashmere Mafia vs. Lipstick Jungle faceoff appears to have gone to Lipstick. NBC has ordered six more episodes of Lipstick Jungle, making for a total of 13 for its first season.

Meanwhile, we've heard nary a word about the future of Cashmere, which aired its final completed episode last week. Cashmere was a ratings dud, not even topping 5 million viewers in its most recent airing — but, to be honest, Lipstick isn't faring that much better, getting just 5.8 million viewers last Thursday. However, it's winning its time slot among women in the 18-34 and 18-49 age brackets, which is good for advertisers.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the six new episodes of Lipstick are targeted to air in the Fall, so the first season would basically air in two parts. I'm actually pretty curious to see how the show will fare post-strike, since now the writers will be around to tweak a line here or there. What's your take? Which show did you hope would win the battle of the ruthless ladies?

Photo courtesy of NBC

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sodria sodria 9 years
I'm enjoying watching this, I'm curious on how it will evolved.
l8ybug02 l8ybug02 9 years
I loved Lipstick Jungle!!! Can't believe they will have me waiting so so long for the next season. Why such a long wait?...grrrr
rubiene rubiene 9 years
i could not even compare both as sex and the city...well cashmere is some sort of imitation of it. but lipstick is different. more real and drama. but i love the two shows. cahsmere seems to be to heavy for my eys to follow the four womens relations ship...too much to bare and too much going on and the wordrobes are nice but some are somewhat way too
Arias101 Arias101 9 years
i really like them both, event though people say that they don't like the chemistry in cashmere, they don't spend nearly the time together as the others shows did. They kinda of pop out of nowhere then jump back into the story, which is engrossing in it's own right. I think people need to stop looking for a sex and the city spin-off and just look at it as a cool show about women :)
dyu dyu 9 years
both shows are nowhere near what they should be...but lipstick jungle is really much better than cashmere mafia. for one, the cast of cashmere dont really fit together while the cast in lipstick fit together better. also, the story lines in cashmere are pretty dull and so unbelievable that its not even funny. (how many episodes do there have to be about a character being lesbian, then straight, then lesbian?) lipstick jungle has much more potential and just needs to get it together a little more.
twinkledrops twinkledrops 9 years
I love Cashmere Mafia. Its fun to watch. All the characters are interesting except Caitlin. Lipstick Jungle.... just cant't seem to follow it.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i decided to stop watching both. they are just too boring and predictable. i don't like a single character in either of the shows. i really don't care to watch all the horrible stuff that happens to people on the shows - give me Corner Gas or Ugly Betty, such fun shows! Ooh...and Doctor who is starting soon!! :)
artsugar artsugar 9 years
I think Cashmere Mafia is WAY better. ABC made a mistake to put it on at the same time as Project Runway, and I think if they brought it back when it wasn't competing directly with such a hit in the show's demographic they would be fine.
rubiene rubiene 9 years
i like cashmere but so much editing and so much situation scenes all aat once. lipstick does focus on each character longer and that seems more pleasing to my lipstick really focus on facial acting...for instance brooke shilds scens and kim raver where they focus the stillness of their face and show the emotions without saying a word. it really shows the three characters more. great acting i must say!
rubiene rubiene 9 years
cnadace bunshnel who worte both book satc and lipstick jungle. i think she really made a point that lipstick is different. simple and and true...funa nd sexy and more drama, more important issues about women. so i really like the first three episodes. interesting topics they focus on. the kids phone and lots more. i love it. glad there are more episodes...infact it's really mild not over the top unrealistic depicting of women and men. it has sensitivity and heart. that makes sense for it's success. thank you nbc.!!!!!!!
skiwi skiwi 9 years
damn I really really hope Cashmere is renewed. I don't really care about Lipstick jungle, and wow if the next episode is in the fall a lot of viewers are going to forget what happened and all that don't u think?
alysun alysun 9 years
I like Lipstick Jungle way better. Better clothing, cast and just an overall better vibe. In cashmere they are cute and fun but there is something about it that just is not right at all! It is unbelievable and sometimes the outfits are way over the top and unrealistic. (although some are cute)
Lorelei-Spirit Lorelei-Spirit 9 years
I have back episodes of both of these shows on my DVR that I haven't gotten around to watching yet. I tend to like Cashmere, and I love the cast. I have only seen a couple episodes of Lipstick and it's okay. I'd continue to watch both though if they were to stay on the air. It's just good fun.
animatedpunk animatedpunk 9 years
I really am not getting into Lipstick Jungle at all..... I keep watching it, but it's just not grabbing my interest... Cashmere Mafia, on the other hand, I LOVE. I really want it to come back =(
Kaysnowboarder Kaysnowboarder 9 years
I have watched them both once and Lipstick seemed a little more real to me than cashmere. I would give Lipstick another chance but would pass on cashmere - that is just first episode for both.
jadenirvana jadenirvana 9 years
I like Lipstick better!
pargie pargie 9 years
I'm with the Mafia! Cashmere Mafia is waaaaaaaaay better, Lipstick Jungle may be realistic...but I don't want realistic I want lots of drama, excitement, over the top wardrobes, and characters. I hope Cashmere sticks around.
DreaAST DreaAST 9 years
I LOVE this show!!!!! I'm so happy about this!
hotstuff hotstuff 9 years
I think where both these shows are missing the mark is the fact that it's too complicated. Hello if your gonna copy SATC, copy it! The girls lives were not this complicated and especially not right off the bat. They were successful yet believable characters!
KWM KWM 9 years
I have been watching them both and finally decided last week that I like Lipstick Jungle better. The Cashmere Mafia characters just aren't that believable to me. As a former Investment Banker, I just can't believe Zoe in that role, Juliet completely bugs me and Lucy Liu does not seem stable enough to be running a publishing empire. I like how Lipstuck Jungle focuses much more on the careers of the characters. Love the Victory Ford and Nikko. Go Lipstick!
Tami715 Tami715 9 years
BOOO! I really like Cashmere Mafia and was bored to tears by Lipstick Jungle. Here's hoping Lucy Liu and the ladies are back on the air soon with new episodes!
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
I haven't seen either, but I do have a bunch of episodes of Lipstick Jungle on DVR; guess I'll get caught up soon.
AmberHoney AmberHoney 9 years
I'm too old and been married too long to even wanna watch these shows. I hated with a passion Sex in the City so why attempt to watch these two shows?
freegracefrom freegracefrom 9 years
Oh and I have to admit that I still get a kick out of seeing Andrew McCarthy ('Lipstick Jungle') on the screen again. I hope they keep him around a bit longer!
freegracefrom freegracefrom 9 years
I've been watching both shows because what else is there to watch right now? 'Lipstick Jungle' is only recently starting to grow on me a little bit... not quite there yet though. They throw enough plot twists to keep me watching. Maybe with the next few episodes, I'll start to like the girls. I still find it extremely hard to identify with (or care about) the women on 'Cashmere Mafia.' I didn't even know that 'Cashmere Mafia' was finished already. Oh well.
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