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First, there was "celebreality." Then came "dramality." And now there's a new inane TV term: the "newpeat."

That's what NBC is calling the episodes of "The Office" that it's airing this Thursday. At first glance, you might think that they're just repeating "Traveling Salesmen" and "The Return." But no! says NBC. They're actually going to re-cut the episodes to include some deleted scenes and — according to the Wall Street Journal — insert a new storyline into the old episodes. According to Executive Producer Greg Daniels:

"It's about giving something extra to our wonderful fans. Their loyalty must be rewarded somehow, and we don't have the budget for 10 million muffin baskets."

Can you see me rolling my eyes? I appreciate NBC trying to get more viewers for reruns, but I'm not sure it's worth sitting through episodes I've already seen to pick out a few new scenes. And devoted fans might well have already watched the deleted scenes online. On the other hand, maybe now everyone will get to find out where Andy's been. What do you think: good strategy or totally lame ratings grab? At least it's not a poorly disguised clip show (hey, "Scrubs," I'm talking to you).


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Jinx Jinx 10 years
I don't mind watching previously deleted scenes, but newpeats sounds desperate to me. Sounds like they are trying to get as much mileage out of stuff as possible. I don't mind watching deleted scenes but I'd rather them air a special and show them plus out takes and maybe cast interviews. I know fans would watch. ------------------------------------------------------ "If men could only know each other, they would neither idolize nor hate" Elbert Hubbard
juliet juliet 10 years
uh huh. yeah. I'm gonna watch that.
RK2590 RK2590 10 years
As much as it's killing me to wait a month for a new episode, I have to admit that every time I watch an ep of the Office, it gets funnier and funnier.
CGW CGW 10 years
I think its a good idea. I know I'm more likely to watch the rerun if there is going to be something new. And I totally agree its better than having an entire ep of old clips.
katie225 katie225 10 years
i think that's a cool idea, kind of like director's cuts on dvds. but i think it would be better for shows like "lost" or "heroes". shows where die-hard fans pick out the smallest things and overanalyze everything. i don't think i'd watch a comedy again for it.
popjunky77 popjunky77 10 years
If you're looking for comedy not recycled into a rerun, there are a couple of shows that are funny & still in originals. ***"In Case of Emergency" on Wednesdays @ 9:30 on ABC keeps getting better & better. ***"Andy Barker, PI" is premiering this wk, I think. ***I know its not a traditional comedy, but "Ugly Betty," also on ABC on Thursdays @ 8pm, is one of my favs & always makes me laugh. ***If you didn't catch the "Sarah Silverman Progam," on Comedy Central, its hilarious. The possibilites are endless, so why would anyone sit through something they already saw?!?
blogsap blogsap 10 years
i think it's smart - and i bet we'll see more of it. it's a fairly inexpensive way for the network to maintaining ratings during "rerun" weeks. i'll be tuning in.
LizaToad LizaToad 10 years
hmmmm.... i guess i'm going to have to watch one of these and then make up my mind... but i guess it's better than a regular old rerun, which i might still watch if there's nothing else on....
mrsjacki mrsjacki 10 years
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