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For someone who lists TV and the Internet as major components of both her work and play, I've never been much into stand-alone webisodes. But NBC seems to be out to change my mind, because the network has a huge list of special online features coming soon for shows like Chuck, Heroes, and The Office.

Starting in July, those three shows will get new online series. While it's not confirmed in NBC's press release, I assume the ones for The Office will be more of the Emmy-winning The Accountants series. Hmmmm . . . fodder for the upcoming spinoff? The best part: Thanks to the writers' strike resolution, which means writers actually get paid for online content, I can watch without guilt this time.

Especially in the case of Heroes and Chuck, I'm wondering if others also will feel more inclined to watch simply because it's been so long since we've spent any time with these characters. I know I wouldn't mind seeing my Nerd Herders again, even if it was just in a short, silly video. What do you think?

NBC also has a pretty cool-sounding online-only series that reminds me of a video PostSecret, plus some funny special features for a few of its other shows, so to hear about those, just


The online-only show is called Fears, Secrets, and Desires, and the idea is for users to share stories that fit into one of those three categories. Eventually some of them will be featured in an online anthology series, and NBC promises that "Hollywood talent normally associated with the big or small screens, not necessarily the computer screen," will be involved with bringing some of the stories to life.

A couple of the other things from the online list that cracked me up:

  • On the 30 Rock site, you'll soon be able to take Jack Donaghy's business classes online. Jack is also going to be blogging. Would Jack really blog? I'd think that would be a bit too revealing for ol' Donaghy, but maybe someone told him it was a wise professional move.
  • Of all the online features, I'm pretty sure this one for Medium is my favorite: Users can recreate their favorite "Allison Waking Up In Bed After a Nightmare" scene, upload it and share. Hee.


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