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No, the fallout from the NBC vs. iTunes kerfuffle isn't over yet. Here's the latest: NBC will offer episode downloads free from starting in October. Yup, I said "free."

There are a few caveats, though:

  • The video will only work for a week after the episodes are broadcast.
  • Only a limited number of shows will be available at the start, but at least they're generally good ones: "Heroes," "The Office," "Life," "Bionic Woman," "30 Rock," "Friday Night Lights," "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."
  • The content won't be available to Mac users (um, take that, Apple?)

After an initial trial run, NBC plans to upgrade the service with the option to subscribe to favorite shows — and, yes, to make the episodes available on Macs, too.

It seems like this should be a good temporary solution — except for people who have Macs or want to own episodes, that is. But at least there's a way for a lot of people without DVRs to watch both "Grey's Anatomy" and "The Office" now, and that's a good thing ... right? Can you see yourself using this service?

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elephantheart elephantheart 9 years
It's BS that it's not available to Mac users. First, they want to charge 4.99 an episode; now they're giving them away for free? Stupid. I was planning on buying the new episodes of the Office for $1.99. But I'm not paying 4.99, and I'm not going to trash my Mac and buy some crap PC for episodes of a TV show. Get real.
leahlarocco leahlarocco 9 years
That's lame. NBC will regret this when Macs take over the world.
TNgirl TNgirl 9 years
I will definitely check this out.
splayer splayer 9 years
Yes! Thank goodness (although it's too bad my friends with Macs won't be able to benefit just yet).
Chica8a Chica8a 9 years
ChelseaGirl ChelseaGirl 9 years
I find this incredibly aggravating. NBC should grow up and stop trying to screw over their loyal fans.
The-City-Girl The-City-Girl 9 years
I used to SO depend on iTunes for all my NBC shows when I lived abroad, and though this is totally lame since I am a Mac girl, at least it's this year and not last year!
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
blah. thats so lame - people can't do this if they have a mac?! i'm not in the states, so i cant anyway but still!
halflucid halflucid 9 years
I just switched to Mav, lured by the shininess, and I keep finding more and more instances where they (and now me too) are cut out of things for having a different operating system. TOO stupid, if NBC didn't have Friday Night Lights, I'd boycott the station. What is there issue with Apple?
CareBBear3715 CareBBear3715 9 years
But....but...but I'm a MAC girl. I'm so annoyed right now. I have to miss The Office because of late night classes for my major, and I thought this would end my problems since NBC pulled out of i-tunes/I'm too poor to own a TIVO. Booooo First no "Office Thursdays" with my best friend because we're in class together, and now no free love from NBC until October? For shame NBC
alexlove alexlove 9 years
shi shi 9 years
so how much will this cost? and will this be available to those outside of the states.. say north of the border?
thoroughlymodern thoroughlymodern 9 years
gah! I hate all these video things that they don't bother to set up for macs!!!! It's the same with TNT, and others that don't come to mind right now. It blows.
ectoro ectoro 9 years
not available to mac users? Why not?
Phasekitty Phasekitty 9 years
A "self-destructing" episode? I won't be using this for a few reasons, A) I'm all Mac, baby, B) My TiVo takes pretty good care of me, and C) The only reason I ever download episodes is to take them to go- on my laptop or iPod...preferably more than a week after they air. I think they mean well, but NBC will likely find that being in bed with iTunes was far more profitable.
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
Woot!!! :dance:
cindeerella cindeerella 9 years
that sounds like an awesome idea
rlveronica rlveronica 9 years
Word up!
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