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NBC's Thursday Comedy Stars Bring the Funny

NBC's Thursday Comedy Stars Bring the Funny

Frankly, it would have been sad if a panel full of stars and producers from NBC's four acclaimed Thursday comedies hadn't gotten laughs during the TCA press tour on Monday. So I'm pleased to report that the panel, which included Zach Braff, Jason Lee, John Krasinski, Tina Fey, and the executive producers of their shows, was appropriately hilarious. A few favorite moments:

Bill Lawrence, "Scrubs" executive producer, on his show's ratings:
"I think this is the year that "Scrubs" really becomes a big hit. We always kind of geared our plan towards peaking in the seventh year."

Tina Fey, on whether she had to convince Alec Baldwin to come back to the show:
"I've never even met Alec."

Greg Daniels, executive producer of "The Office," on those Jim-and-Pam-heavy promos:
"I always felt jealous on these Thursday-night promos because everybody else had these really funny clips on, and then, you know, ours was like, 'Do I still love you?'"

Fey on the differences between herself and her character, Liz Lemon:
"The biggest difference is that my character is not married. And also, apparently her jugs were bigger."

Lorne Michaels, "30 Rock" executive producer, on DVD commentaries:
"I was thinking it might be time to buy a DVD player."

John Krasinski on DVD commentaries:
"Tell you what, when I was doing a comment about DVD commentaries, what I was really thinking about was ..."


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