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Buzz In: Which NBC Comedy Killed It Last Night?

Now that NBC is in full swing with its new 3-hour comedy block, I spend all week looking forward to the sheer volume of hilarity that's waiting on Thursday nights. I try to watch each show — Community, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, The Office, Outsourced, and now Perfect Couples, and with so many, it's hard not to put them against each other for the funniest of the night.

Community had its dungeons and dragons episode, while Parks and Recreation exploited the Twilight phenomena to awesome effect, and 30 Rock doubled up on guest appearances with Vanessa Minnillo and Elizabeth Banks. Plus, Michael and Holly finally got back together on The Office, the Outsourced gang took a field trip, and newbie Perfect Couples had its funniest episode yet with an Edward 40-hands reference.

To be sure, NBC had a night to be proud of, but which one had you laughing the most?

Photos courtesy of NBC

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campbrad campbrad 6 years
I'm loving Perfect Couples!!! :) And Vanessa Minnillo was surprisingly delightful on 30 Rock.
pattyg7787 pattyg7787 6 years
Parks and recreation was hilarious last night. I couldn't stop laughing throughout the show. Perfect couples was also very funny.
ForeverTaylor ForeverTaylor 6 years
Community was absolutely hysterical last night!
limelindsey limelindsey 6 years
30 Rock had me laughing the hardest (mainly with Liz's pregnancy photo shoot!). Community was very clever with the D&D game. Even Perfect Couples was pretty funny (Edward 40-hands, indeed). Great night of TV!
Gypsy314 Gypsy314 6 years
Gypsy314 Gypsy314 6 years
Emily2453154 Emily2453154 6 years
The Office was really good but Jim has been disappearing lately so that's my only problem. Parks and Recreation was funny as was Outsourced and Community. Too many funny episodes in one night!
supertramp supertramp 6 years
Community. Chevy Chase killed it, yet again he was a riot as the villain.
Allie-Merriam Allie-Merriam 6 years
I'm gonna say it.... who knew Vanessa Minnillo would be so awesome on 30 Rock?
Noodles-and-Waffles Noodles-and-Waffles 6 years
I loved Perfect Couples and Parks and Recreation.
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