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NBC's Thursday Ratings Hit All-Time Low

NBC's Thursday Ratings Hit All-Time Low

I've always thought of NBC's Thursday night lineup as the most dominant group of shows on TV, from the Must See TV days with "Seinfeld" and "Friends" to the current Comedy Night Done Right block with "The Office" and "Scrubs." But something's gone horribly wrong: Last week's shows drew NBC's lowest Thursday ratings since at least 1987, according to Mediaweek.

I'm baffled, considering that last week was the first time all four comedies plus "ER" were all new since Feb. 21. Plus, ABC's Thursday series — "Ugly Betty" and "Grey's Anatomy" — aired clip shows instead of new episodes.

"30 Rock" and "The Office" are two of the most acclaimed comedies on TV, and "Scrubs" and "My Name is Earl" have huge fan followings. Even "ER" — which I believe should have ended a while ago — was getting good ratings earlier this season, but last week it got trounced by "Shark."

Are people TiVoing the shows and waiting till the weekend to watch? Has there been some kind of massive revolt against NBC's comedies that I've missed? Or are the shows just simply not connecting with very many people? Whether you tune out NBC's lineup or watch it faithfully, tell me why below.


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