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Neil Patrick Harris Guest Judges on American Idol Auditions in Dallas 2010-01-28 07:30:00

Do You Like American Idol's Auditions More With Guest Judges?

We've got another week of American Idol auditions before we get into the actual competition phase of the season. Not to say that I haven't been enjoying the auditions themselves — with Paula Abdul out and new judge Ellen DeGeneres not starting until Feb. 9, we've been treated to a stable of rotating guest hosts including Neil Patrick Harris whom I'd been looking forward to most.

Aside from him, the novelty on the whole guest judge thing has kind of worn off (though I did kind of like the not-entirely-friendly banter between Kara and Katy Perry). Sometimes a guest has a witty comment to add, but I don't put as much stock in their votes to advance contestants since they're not going to be judging later on. What do you think — have you enjoyed the guest judges more than usual this season?

Image Source: Fox
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