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New Animated Shows in the Works for Fox

Fox is casting around for possible new companions to its current animation lineup. The network is developing three new animated shows, including a remake of a live-action series called "The Pitts" that aired for just four weeks back in 2003.

I have absolutely no memory of "The Pitts," but the series starred Dylan Baker (pictured at left), Kellie Waymire and Lizzy Caplan as the unluckiest family in the world. Even the series' creators admit it was practically a cartoon to begin with, and they kept bringing it back up in network pitch meetings. Fox is casting actors to do a table read of the script, and if that goes well, the show will become a series.

The other two potential series are a bit earlier in the development process, but they share the crazy-family theme. They are:

  • "Insanity," about a 20-something guy who's constantly distracted by the antics of his wacky family. Jack Black would serve as executive producer for the show.
  • "Mothballs," about a dysfunctional family living in the nursing home they own. The show comes from the creators of "Drawn Together" and starts with the father of the family being forced to put his own estranged father into the strict nursing home he runs.

None of the three is guaranteed to end up on your TV, however; last year, Fox also looked at three animated shows, but didn't end up putting any of them on the air.


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Mokona Mokona 9 years
That's hilarious about the Pitts... my fiance and I watched one episode and still constantly refer to it as the worst show either one of us had ever seen. It was really bad. Maybe if it was a cartoon it would be a little easier to tolerate.
kutiekatz90 kutiekatz90 9 years
I think they should definitely bring The Oblongs back to Fox. That show was hilarious! It's on Adult Swim now, but I'd like to see some new episodes.
tiabia tiabia 9 years
I remember the Pitts, and I loved it, LOL. I knew it wasn't going to last very definitely had premature cancellation written all over it...but I thought it was ridiculously hilarious. Anytime the teenage daughter is being stalked by her vintage VW Beetle ala've got to laugh!!!
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