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New on DVD, November 11, 2008

What to Netflix: New DVD Tuesday

All of the new DVD releases hit stores (and Netflix) on Tuesdays. So each week in What to Netflix: New DVD Tuesday, I sort through the best of the batch and tell you what to add to your queue.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Oh, man, I am so excited that Hellboy II is out on DVD today. Even though the Summer was jam-packed with superhero movies, this sequel to Hellboy did not get lost in the shuffle for me. Guillermo del Toro lets his imagination fly in this second installment and the movie is littered with creatures and goblins that are a sight to behold.

I could go on and on about my love for this big red tough-guy-with-a-soft-spot-for-kittens but I'll stop here. Basically, if you didn't catch it in the theater I'd highly recommend bringing it home. Special features include an in-depth look at the creation of Hellboy II, a peek into the production workshop puppet theatre, deleted scenes and a tour of the Troll Market with Guillermo del Toro!

One more title up next so


Scrubs: Season Seven
If you're anything like me, Scrubs hasn't always been making it onto your list of must-watch shows every week. I catch it when I can, but it's been spotty. Still, I'm glad the series continues to roll out on DVD so at least I have the option of catching up anytime I'd like.

Here's how Netflix describes season seven: "After pious nurse Laverne's death, her elbow-bending twin, Shirley (Aloma Wright, who also played Laverne), arrives at Sacred Heart Hospital. Meanwhile, J.D. (Zach Braff) and Elliot (Sarah Chalke) must decide whether to commit fully to their respective relationships with Kim (Elizabeth Banks) and Keith (Travis Schuldt). John C. McGinley returns as the caustic Dr. Cox in the seventh season of this Emmy-winning sitcom." Special features include the making of the ambitious finale episode, "My Princess," as well as deleted scenes, alternate lines, and bloopers.


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