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New DVD Releases for November 3, Including G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra, I Love You Beth Cooper, and Food Inc.

What to Netflix: New DVD Tuesday

Looking for some fresh picks to add to your Netflix queue? I've got you covered. Just take a peek at these three new releases coming out on DVD today.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra

Many of you said that you weren't psyched to see the slick action update on the classic toy in theaters, but perhaps you'll feel differently now that it is available to watch at home. G.I. Joe has that loud, flashy, blockbuster appeal which can make for a perfect weekend rental — even if it's pretty much mindless entertainment. (Plus, I know how much you love Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum!) Bonus: If you're a CGI geek, the special two-disc version includes a behind-the-scenes look at the special effects.


Two more new releases when you


I Love You Beth Cooper
Hayden Panettiere stars as the title character — the hottest girl in school and long-time crush of the film's nerdy hero, Denis. When Denis wins class valedictorian, he uses his graduation speech to profess his love to Beth. Lucky for him, the act of courage works in his favor, and Beth shows up at his house. You can pretty much guess what happens from there — her boyfriend is not pleased, threatens to beat Denis up, etc. — but the DVD features an alternate ending to spice things up. Critics panned its release, but if you're a devotee of the teen sex comedy genre, then this is one to put on your viewing checklist.


Food Inc.


Ever wondered where the meal on your plate really comes from? Food Inc. is a documentary that breaks down America's food industry step by step — from the farms where it's produced, to the big brother-like companies that monopolize it, to the supermarket. It's an interesting — albeit frightening — insider's peek that is packed with expert info. (Even my health guru, FitSugar, gave it her stamp of approval.) Consider this your brain food for the week — but if I were you, I'd refrain from eating while you're watching it.


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