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New Death Cab for Cutie Song

First Track from Death Cab for Cutie's New Album

Indie band Death Cab for Cutie has done well for itself over the past few years, reaching mainstream success with popular albums like Transatlanticism and great tracks like "The Sound of Settling" — not to mention an appearance on The O.C.

So it's no wonder there has been a lot of chatter surrounding their latest project, Narrow Stairs, which was recorded in three studios — entirely on tape — in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco and will be released in May. I've been really curious about this album, especially when I hear little descriptive bits from the band like this one, "So far, it's a crazy, weird, heavy-rock record." That seems somewhat at odds with what fans know and love about Death Cab, but I've been trying to keep an open mind.

Now we have the first single from the album called "I Will Possess Your Heart" and after listening to it, I see that they weren't kidding. It could be a pretty weird album if this long, jam band-type song is any indication. Yet I'm finding that the more I listen to it, the more excited I am about what these guys have up their sleeve. It's going to be interesting to hear them push themselves into new, uncharted territory. To take a listen for yourself and tell me what you think, just


For a short preview, hit "Play" below, or you can purchase the entire track here.


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Jerrieee Jerrieee 9 years
First time I heard this song(IWPYH), I wasn't aware that it was DCfC, since I've never followed them closely. I just remember thinking "Holy smelly CRAP; what childish lyrics -- like a 13-yr old would write," and the vocalist reminded me of like a Christopher Cross wannabe. Now that the song is ALL OVER the frickin' airwaves, I'm USED to it, so it's not totally like nails on a blackboard like it was for me, but I still don't like it at all, and I really don't GET its popularity. Not that DCfC is total crap; I'm not slammin' 'em necessarily. On my scale, though, they're closer to lame than great, but this song is BEYOND lame. Who agrees with me? And You-Who-Like-It: WHY????
MicrochipJoel MicrochipJoel 9 years
Yeah, to be honest, I really only like their Transatlanticism album... tracks like "Title and Registration, Sound of Settling, and Transalanticism" demonstrate their range and variety, as well as, their ability to write light hearted songs... so give me more DCFC! no more of the blah blah, oh my emotions are hurting! whaa whaa whaa... give me Modest Mouse/The Shins, etc reinventing themselves... join the club DCFC!!! Ha Ha. J
Entertainment Entertainment 9 years
Microchip - I think a lot of fans had a similar reaction to Plans as you did. I have a hunch this next one will redeem DCFC. Crossing fingers!
MicrochipJoel MicrochipJoel 9 years
Kind of has that twangy sound of Modest Mouse. Not sure what I think about DCFC. There are songs like you mentioned "Sound of Settling" and others I like... A LOT! However, there are songs of theirs (the majority of Plans) I find them to be extremely whiny and sophomoric. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and staying optimistic about this new record though. Hopefully, they can brush off their amateurish vocals and come out with a more refined album that really exemplifies their strengths (ie John Mayer-ish metamorphosis "No Room for Squares" vs "Continuum") Cheers, J
dragonfly79 dragonfly79 9 years
I am so excited about getting this album! I love me some DCFC.
emaline emaline 9 years
love it, love it, love it. sounds like a natural progression for Death Cab, who seem to only be getting better as they mature.
sumbum sumbum 9 years
i can't wait for this album to drop...DCFC is one of my favorite bands! =)
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