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Is New Moon Better Than Twilight 2009-11-23 09:30:17

Is New Moon Better Than Twilight?

Now that New Moon's record-breaking opening weekend is over, it's time to dish on the film. I already gave you my review, pointing out that I think the sequel is better than the original. In my opinion, the film's special effects and acting are far superior than what we see in Twilight, though Edward and Bella's whirlwind romance is better showcased in the first film. Now I'm curious about what you all thought — is New Moon bigger and better than Twilight?

Sinuhe59 Sinuhe59 7 years
i personally think, twilight was better, in the first place, cause music in twilight was soooo much greater and thrilling, and was so coordinated with the scenes, love, hate, sadness, each part of twilight had its personal soundtrack, and i f u google twilight soundtracks, everyone just, couldnt let the music go. Like this song "bellas lullaby - carter burwell", i mean i couldnt forget the part when bella and edward are in the treetop and de river besides them, its just, fantastic. I think the thing that made twilight so famous, more than the action and vampire/werewolf story, is "LOVE" ; the stuff that makes u loove twilight is the shocking scenes of love and need of bella to edward and vice versa. Full moon is great, i mean, jake and bella, verything is just fantastic, but nothing, i repeat, nothing, like twilight. =(( . I just hope twilight directors, scriptwriters, and editors, consider the part of adding "bellas lullaby" to the next film =(, and focus again, in the lovestory between the vampire and the human, and all the things sorrounding them. :). Cheers to everyone. Heres my comment.!
csherri2007 csherri2007 7 years
To the Anonymous idiot who keeps dissing. Seriously, at least people find an interest in something and are enjoying it. Perhaps, you have an empty life so you feel the need to spread your negative crap hoping to better yourself. How's that working for you? By the way, I'm a proud Twilight Mom turning 40. I work and raise 5 kids and I have a life. You are either jobless or at work not working, again posting your hate messages.
reesiecup reesiecup 7 years
to me, the dialogue was less corny and overall i liked the flow of the movie better. but i felt that the vampires looked too fake this time around. i'll need to re-watch it in an environment with less screaming to gain more appreciation for it. they'll never measure up to the books. nonetheless, i'm looking forward to the next two films.
slikkback slikkback 7 years
the chemistry and focus on character interactions in twilight made it more enjoyable to me than new moon. BUT new moon is visually better. But I still prefer twilight
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 7 years
i personally enjoyed new moon more (even though some parts dragged). i cannot stand catherine hardwicke as a director, and at least new moon didn't make me feel like i want to throw up with all the shots spinning in the forest. the special effects were slightly better. not to mention, new moon did a damn good job portraying the volturi. i wish there was more of them. TEAM VOLTURI!
laoff laoff 7 years
New Moon is so much better than Twilight. It's so much closer to the book than the first movie and the acting is one thousand times better.
ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
NO NO NO . i'm really baffled as to why everyone says that it is so much better than twilight. i watched twilight again yesterday to see if i was just jaded and seeing even just the opening scene of twilight with the dear and bella's voice over about how she'll die - that one scene was soo compelling that it draws you in immediately. i don't think that new moon had that from the start. regardless - both were good/great movies so it's kind of a moot point, but i still think that the first one was the best so far.
Leilanic1 Leilanic1 7 years
i love the twilight series. but i feel like there should have been different actors chosen for the lead characters. kristen stewart really cannot act and i'm not sure what happened with robert pattinson because normally he can act somewhat better than he did in new moon. i tried to watch the movie like i was a teenager (i'm in my 30s) and realize the audience it was aimed towards but i still couldn't get past the bad acting. :( i did like how the developed bella and her father's relationship. the wolf pack actors were really good and other than dakota fanning the verdict is still out on the rest of the volturi.
Akasha Akasha 7 years
Okay the Hanson thing was a joke. I was just trying to illustrate that every generation or group has it's crazy fans. Check out Comic Con on year if you really want to see crazy, 50 year old men dressed as Spoke or Chewbacca. Now that's scary. It's unusual that people are this crazy over a film and it's stars as this level of devotion is usually left for pop acts like The Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block, The Beatles, whomever your generation or group of friends was crazy for. I personally have never been crazy for people or characters, but I am a gadget junkie, and have waited in line hours for the release of a few of the new Mac releases, or stalked the mailman or UPS/FedEx package tracking looking for some gadget that I ordered.
Akasha Akasha 7 years
Is Harry Potter no longer a real movie? Maybe you meant his first real leading role, but Little Ashes was pretty good. Maybe you meant blockbuster huge money making movie. Okay you got me there. I don't know about numbers but I thought Panic Room was a hit movie when it came out. Was it Spiderman, Dark Knight, New Moon big. No it wasn't, but it did decent numbers. The problem with this logic is that Twilight was never thought to be this huge movie as they were making it. It was supposed to be a small to medium indie. All of the cast was locked into contract to do the series if they decided to make the rest of the movies. I'm sure they renegotiated their rates but I'm pretty sure they didn't really have the option to quit. So to say they did it for the money is a bit off base. Are some of the Twilight fans a bit crazy? I find the mother's that are oggling Taylor Lautner super creepy, (He's a kid people. Under 17. Jailbait.) but no more than the Star Wars fans who stood in line for 2 days, in costume, to see the The Phantom Menace or the people who dressed up to go the opening night of Star Trek. Twilight might not be your thing but I'm sure there are things you might go crazy over, and be willing to stand in line for hours for. Tickets to a Hanson concert, a chance to throw your panties at Vanilla Ice, huge sale at the $.99 store. Heck I might even join you for a sale at the $.99 store I love cheap crap, allows me to save money for the good stuff.
NurseKimberly NurseKimberly 7 years
I enjoyed Twilight more...
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