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New Photos From the Season 8 Premiere of One Tree Hill

Buzz In: Tell Me Why You Still Watch One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is the TV show that will not die. Despite its share of rough patches in the past like losing two of its stars and facing cancellation, each year it comes back. It's kick-starting once more on Sept. 14 for a new season (its eighth!), but will it only return to the chopping block in the Spring?

To be fair, eight seasons is a long life for a series. One Tree Hill has had countless memorable moments, but I'll admit that I haven't been following it as religiously as I did when it first debuted. So, now is your chance to convince me (and those network execs who may be on the fence). I told you why you should start following NBC's Community, but to you die-hard One Tree Hill followers out there, tell me why I should keep watching your beloved show!

Then, as my gift to you, check out these sneak peek photos from the show's season premiere.




Photos courtesy of The CW

esmerb esmerb 7 years
I started watching OTH thanks to Soap Net. I really fell in love with that show and was pretty faithful to it but this last season was AWFUL. I will give this season a chance but if things get bad, I'm giving up.
pss pss 7 years
This show is one of my favourites. OTH is the first show I started to follow via Internet, cause I wanted to see it at the same time you guys could do it in the US. So why I still watch the show? There are too many reasons, I'll try to sum up. -Firstly because of Nathan and Haley. I will be there for them, always and forever xD. And this last season we can see a new side of them. Haley was through too many hard things and Nathan was the one giving everything in order to make things fine again. They gave us something new of these two this year, which after seven season is pretty admirable. -Because Brooke Davis, the girl who someday will change the world, hasn't made her dreams come true. -Because after Peyton and Lucas left, I though it wouldn't be the same, that no character would be able to make us to forget about them and how great the show was with this two. And I was right, but Clay became a very worth to watch character. And after all these years, I fell in love with a new character. -Because the things about this show I love most, its music, its art, the way of show us the story, the adorable references to past moments and scenes, the symbolic places, all these things are still there. And yes, it's true the show it's not the same it was once, it's not the best show ever, the smartest and coolest. And also had terrible story lines. But at the end of every single episode I think the same: I f*cking love this show.
Miss-Shapes Miss-Shapes 7 years
OTH has never been a quality show, I accepted that a long time ago. At first I watched almost purely because I was so in love with Nathan and Haley's relationship - and then they had Jamie and well, that kid is ADORABLE! And also Brooke Davis is a great character and I developed a girl-crush on Sophia Bush. It's not as good as it was during seasons 3-6, but as far as guilty pleasures go, nothing tops OTH!
kaykayelle kaykayelle 7 years
Admittedly, it's not the same show it was when it started. I know that no show really is when it lasts for more than two seasons or so, but the cast shakeups alone are grounds for making this claim. I don't feel like I have totally fallen into the trap of "Well, I have to watch it since I've watched them all." The show has always been such a character-driven show, and that hasn't changed much. You watch for the interactions between them, and their struggles and joys. You feel like you know these people (especially after so long) and you want them to do well. So many crazy bad things and realistic bad things have happened that, at least for me, I want to see how they'll turn out. I am excited for the new season to premiere. My only hope for the show, besides it not ending after the 14 episode run, is that it just gets a proper goodbye when its time is up. OTH would have a killer series finale.
lullavonn lullavonn 7 years
Funny you should ask, just yesterday, I started re-watching the whole show from season three (my favourite). To me, it's kind of the same thing that happens with Grey's. When you go back and see how great of a show it was it makes you regain interest. Although OTH is far from Seattle Grace's drama the writing is still descent. It really has a lot of crazy story lines but the fact that they don't have the scandalous life styles than those of the Upper East or any fantastic legend creatures makes it somehow different and still interesting to me. There have been some ridiculous stories that there are just plain, boring or plain stupid, like the heart-eater-dog and Brook's never-ending search for a baby. There is so much they can do with these characters and they always manage to get some crazy nanny or accident to shake things up but I really don't think they should keep on going. People will end up hating the show and forgetting how good it really was... I am not particularly excited for the new season but I'm sure I'll be tunning in...
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