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New Video Promo For Weeds Season 6

Are You Excited For Season Six of Weeds?

We already got a taste of what's in store for the Botwins (or should I say Newmans?) when Weeds comes back next month, but the latest promo gives us a much better look at season six. As expected, the family has to flee, which means taking on new names and costumes while Doug is left in the clutches of Esteban's henchman. One thing's the same though: there's still just as much sexual tension between Andy and Nancy.

The promo made me giggle a few times, but Weeds has definitely morphed into a new beast over the years. It's hard to believe that the first season was all about Nancy dealing pot in her house, and I'm not sure how further the showrunners can go now that the Botwins have caused so much trouble. As far as viewership is concerned, the buzz about about the series seems to have dwindled. That said, I know there are still a lot of fans out there, so where do you stand — are you excited for more?

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