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Were the Right People Voted Off of So You Think You Can Dance?

After the judges on So You Think You Can Dance made no cuts last week, they made good on their promise to send home four people this week. The six in the bottom were couples Missy and Wadi, Ryan and Ricky, and Nick and Iveta. After some impressive solos, four were nixed: Of the girls, Missy and Iveta were sent home. Of the boys, Nick and Wadi were given the axe. I'm actually relieved that the season now feels like it's moving right along, but I have to admit that I wanted to see what else tapper Nick could do. What about you? Do you agree with the contestants who were sent home, or do you wish other folks had been cut?

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demarco11 demarco11 6 years
I really wish they'd done a bottom 4 couples to give more options for elimination. Nick got the boot far too soon. If they'd had one more couple in there I think he and Missy would have both been safe. OR if they'd made eliminations last week the bottom 3 would have been completely different this time around. Having said that, there's no way they could let Ricky go after his solo. It was probably one of the best I've seen throughout the show's existence.
Tari007 Tari007 6 years
I completely disagreed with the judges. I would have kept the couple who they were initially going to save, Iveta and Nick. I also disagreed with their opinion regarding Wadi's solo, I thought it was great and he did an amazing job. Ah ce la vie!
ilanac13 ilanac13 6 years
it's a shame that iveta isn't on the show anymore. she's amazingly talented and she really showed us that she's great. i think that it's hard with her though since she's a world champion already but i think that she should have stayed. you knew that the judges would keep ryan though - they have a special place in their hearts for her (right now at least)
bethany0403 bethany0403 6 years
Based on who was in the bottom three, I think the right boys went home. Roderick's solo was amazing. I was so bummed out about losing Nick and Wadi though. Nick especially, what a joy to watch! I wish that little troll Jess was in the bottom, he is just dreadful Also, what is the appeal of Ryan? Her perma-grin is unsettling.
smileet147 smileet147 6 years
I was really hoping that Nick would last longer. He really has a joy for dancing. I wish both Ricky and Nick could have stayed and that all the girls would have been sent home. Now that would have been interesting. Check out what else I think here:
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 6 years
Buzz, can you please stop spoiling shows for people. Lately members of this site have commented about how you guys keep spoiling shows by posting pictures on the main page of people who were eliminated from or won a show and posting headlines that reveal a main character was killed off a show. It can't be that hard to keep spoilers off the main page and only show them after you click on the story.
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