17 Reasons It's Time to Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas Again

Oct 30 2018 - 7:51am

While most holiday movies [1] feature warm, cuddly characters and can sometimes be too wholesome to handle, there's one seasonal movie that turns the holiday on its head: The Nightmare Before Christmas. That may be because it's the rare movie that's a scary holiday movie, and thus required viewing for Halloween [2] and Christmas. Tim Burton's '90s classic is gorgeous, poignant, and it makes Christmas a little creepy — but in a good way. Here are all the reasons the animated flick is essential viewing for the season.

Jack May Be a Fictional Skeleton, but You Can Totally Relate to Him

We've all been guilty of believing that the grass is greener somewhere else (though in Jack's case, everything is greener in Christmas Town).

Ghost Dogs Are Actually Adorable

But really, how cute is Zero?

Sally Is Much Edgier Than Your Standard Princess in a Tower

Not to mention the fact that her outfit makes a seriously kick-ass Halloween [3] costume.

The Soundtrack Is So Catchy

Good luck getting "This Is Halloween" out of your head now.

It's So Perfectly Tim Burton-esque

Fun fact: the movie is based on a poem Burton wrote in 1982.

Oogie Boogie Still Seriously Creeps You Out

The part where he unravels and is made of bugs? Shudder.

It Has Just the Right Amount of Christmas Spirit

We'd all freak out if we found the portal to Christmas Town.

Jack and Sally's Love Story Is Better Than Most Romantic Comedies

Not to mention swoon-worthy.

You Never Knew How Pretty Halloween and Christmas Could Look Together

Or How Terrifying

This is some Beetlejuice realness.

The Gorgeous Animation Still Holds Up

The movie was even rereleased in 3D a few years ago and still looked spectacular.

The Underlying Message That Holidays Don't Always Go as Planned

That feeling when you spend weeks planning that perfect holiday only to see it go up in flames (hopefully not literally in your case).

It Makes You Grateful That Your Holiday Gifts Won't Be Curated by Halloween Town

It's Given You DIY Ideas For Both Holidays

Maybe Too Many Ideas.

Again, Zero. So Cute.

He even makes those skeletal reindeer seem less creepy.

Best of All, You Can Watch It From Halloween All the Way Until Christmas

So What Are You Waiting For?

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