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"The O.C." Recap, Episode 10: "The French Connection"

"The O.C." Recap, Episode 10: "The French Connection"

Thursday night's episode of "The OC" focused mostly on Taylor and her French ex-husband, Henri-Michel, who makes Ryan feel threatened despite being a pretentious weenie. The episode starts as Taylor realizes that the hottest new erotic novel on the market, A Season for Peaches, is a thinly veiled account of their affair written by Herni. (Apparently, page 47 is where it gets really hot.) She begs Ryan not to read it, and he agrees — until he runs into the ex-hubby signing copies at a bookstore and breaks down.

Speaking of breakdowns, over at NewMatch, Julie is having a hard time hiding the male prostitution ring from Kirsten, who is getting suspicious. It certainly doesn't help when Kirsten overhears Julie promising a client that "this one will have his back waxed," which prompts Kirsten to steal Julie's cell phone to snoop.

Meanwhile, Seth is jetting up to Seattle to ask Dr. Roberts for Summer's hand in marriage, while Kaitlin Cooper has a romance of her own brewing, so

While Seth does his best to bumble his meeting with Dr. Roberts, Summer reconnects with Holly, a newlywed from high school who hangs with a group called "the newpsieweds." Soon, Summer slips into the persona we saw in the alternate-universe of the Chrismukk-huh? episode, punctuating her sentences with "totally, bitches!" and licking champagne off her glass over lunch. In a rather absurd development, Summer is soon visited by visions of Che, who is presumably acting as her conscience.

Kaitlin finds herself falling for her study partner, Will (Chris Brown), despite thinking he's a major dork. When she invites him over to watch TV, Julie kids her relentlessly: "You want his big dorky arms wrapped around you!" Kaitlin blows it, though, when she asks Will if he wants to smoke weed, and he realizes her bratty act at school isn't an act. (Later, she redeems herself, so expect more Will and Kaitlin action to come.)

Then there's the ridiculous Taylor-Henri plotline: Ryan agrees to have dinner with the ex but feels inferior when they start talking about Anais Nin. Plus, a highbrow French talk show has come to Newport with the hopes of landing Taylor as a guest. (The French equivalent of Charlie Rose just decides to transport its set to SoCal to film a single episode? Yeah, that seems totally plausible.) Ryan shows up to watch the filming, while a bystander relates the main talking points: Henri's novel, existentialism, and Johnny Depp.

When Ryan finds out that Taylor lied to Henri to make him look good — saying Ryan had penned a number of scholarly articles on skepticism — he goes home to mope over his Ryan and Taylor scrapbook. (That's right: They've been dating for approximately four episodes, and Ryan already has an entire schmoopy scrapbook devoted to her.) He begins to worry that they're just too different, as Taylor seems to be succumbing to Henri's charms on the TV set. At the end of the episode, we still don't know whether Taylor and Ryan are going to call the whole thing off or try to make it work.

As for the other storylines, Kirsten uses Julie's cell phone to find out about an upcoming appointment and shows up herself, confirming her suspicions. Rather than turn Julie into the police or get Sandy Cohen involved, she simply fires her and says good riddance.

Dr. Roberts, not surprisingly, rejects Seth's offer, telling Seth to come back when he's finished college. Seth tells Summer he thinks they should just stay engaged, but Summer has learned a lesson from her Che hallucinations. She has no idea who she really is, so how can she be with someone else? With every romance potentially on the rocks, here's hoping next week's episode will be a bit more exciting.

soccer_obsessed soccer_obsessed 10 years
last night was a good episode sandy's voise goooodddbyeee had me craking up i love peter gallagher for that :D :love:
stardiva stardiva 10 years
Yeah, it was the beggining of last night's. She met him when he was on a break from the restaurant. Taylor is a little kooky. Ryan was kinda weirded out about it too. But what about next epi? Will Ryan say those 3 little words? I think it's way too soon for him. I have to say I was a die hard R/M fan, but he & Taylor def. have more chemistry together. Plus she dresses so cute!
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
Oh, I totally missed that scrapbook thing, Stardiva! Was that in last night's episode? Maybe it was because I missed the very beginning. :) Anyway, it's weird.
stardiva stardiva 10 years
Taylor made Ryan the scrapbook for an early Vanteine's Day gift which Ryan reminded her was 4 weeks away. She said it was perfect and couldn't wait to give it to him. He looked through it and was alarmed she stalked him when he didn't know by taking pics of him with her camera phone when he wasn't looking. Still, it was sweet. She obviously is obsessed, who wouldn't be? I think I'd use his bod as a jungle gym too!
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