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"The OC" Recap: Episode 11, "The Dream Lover"

"The OC" Recap: Episode 11, "The Dream Lover"

I'm really hoping the "The OC" will pull out all the stops now that the show is going off the air, and last night's over-the-top episode, "The Dream Lover," was a promising start. We've got two interlopers in Newport, including Che, who is getting weird Seth vibes, and Henri-Michel, who wants to rent a house in California and invites Taylor to move in.

Henri, after all, is willing to do anything to win his Peaches back. Taylor doesn't seem crazy about this idea but gives him credit for "really taking an emotional risk, unlike some people.” Meanwhile, Summer reassures Seth that "I still really love you. I hope we marry some day.” Soon, Seth sets off on a spiritual journey/camping trip with Che, while the rest of Newport's denizens embark on their own strange trips, so

Kaitlin's personal journey involves going without lip gloss and venturing into the band room, after spending a few evenings "studying" with Will. "I guess you can learn chemistry from just making out," she says. Their budding relationship, however, draws the ire of the band geeks, who think Kaitlin doesn't appreciate what's so great about Will.

Meanwhile, Julie is trying to make amends with Kirsten, but she's not having it: "You turn our business into a male prostitution ring, you get hung up on. Company policy." She doesn't hang up, however, when she gets a call from Spencer, who says that one of the call boys has chlamydia and every woman he slept with needs to be notified. Enraged, Kirsten calls Julie, who reminds Kirsten that it's her company, so she's liable too. Julie offers to notify the women if Kirsten will ferry her around, and Kirsten reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Ryan goes to the Cooper house to talk to Taylor, but instead, he runs into Kaitlin, who says that if he wants to win her back, he'd better bring a gift. "I can’t believe I’m getting advice from a 15-year-old," he says, but he takes it. When he arrives at Henri's hotel room, Ryan is holding a tiny teddy bear, complete with a tiny bouquet of balloons. "What is in his mug?" Henri asks, dripping with smart-ass-ness. Gummi bears, Ryan says, and Henri-Michele offers to deliver the cannibalistic bear to Taylor. After all, if she choose Henri over Ryan, Henri will know that she truly loves him.

Ryan tries to tell Taylor how he really feels, but he fumbles big time, failing to say those three little words that matter so much. "That stuffed animal you bought me is more expressive," she says dismissively. Henri-Michele, on the other hand, has written a long love poem that he'll be reading publicly later.

Meanwhile, Seth and Che are hiking through the forest, and we can tell Seth hates it because his hair is mussed. Che tells him that Seth's "spirit animal" is trapped, and they must spend the night in the forest to find the little critter. Che fashions a tent filled with heated, steaming rocks, and in a vision, Seth confronts his spirit animal, which turns out to be an otter. Che seems to find this revelation somewhat vexing.

Meanwhile, Kirsten learns that Julie made up the whole chlamydia story just so she could hang out with Kirsten all day. Seriously, does this woman have any shame? Kirsten considers Julie's desperation and realizes that while she can't be her business partner anymore, she can still be Julie's friend, male-prostitution carnage and all. Aww!

Kaitlin, however, is realizing that she and Will probably can't be friends, or anything else. "We’re not a good fit," she tells him. "We’re like oil and that other thing."

After Ryan reads his own love poem for Taylor, Henri-Michele leaves them alone, explaining that while he loves Taylor, he "loves love more." When the two reunite, Taylor explains that she was seduced by the fact that Henri said he loved her and needs to hear it from Ryan. Knowing he's not ready, however, she says she needs to learn to be on her own before she can realy be with anyone — which is pretty much exactly what Summer said last week.

But the biggest "relationship" shocker comes when Che and Seth return from their forest jaunt. Seth tells summer about his sea otter self, which Summer finds adorable, and Julie asks Che what's vexing him. Seems Che has a vision of his spirit animal, too: It is a toad, who found his spirit mate in ... an otter! As the show comes to a close, we see Che staring longingly at a photo of Seth.

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