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"The OC" Recap: Episode 13, "The Case of the Franks"

"The OC" Recap: Episode 13, "The Case of the Franks"

I rushed home from the Sugar Publishing happy hour to catch last night's episode of "The OC." By the time the show ended at 10 p.m., I was feeling a little nauseated — and it wasn't from the cocktails. So just how sappy and ridiculous and flashback-filled was "The Case the Franks"? Let me just say: Had I spent the week eating only conversation hearts and clothing myself in rose petals, I don't think I could have written a more sickeningly sweet Valentine's Day episode than this one.

Taylor and Ryan are trying to decide how not to mess up the big day, when Taylor finds a mysterious address in Ryan's stuff. Turns out, it's the address of Frank Atwood, who Taylor agrees to help reconnect with Ryan. Meanwhile, Summer is troubled when a psychic says her soul mate is named George, so she goes to talk to Kirsten. Then, the episode basically becomes one giant big-hair flashback, so

Kirsten is remembering her Jimmy Cooper days, telling Summer: “I loved Jimmy a lot when I was your age, but I changed.” The man for her was really Sandy Cohen. At the same time, Seth is sitting with Ryan and having flashbacks to elementary school, remember that he first fell for Summer when she read a poem in class. In one funny meta moment, Seth shakes out of his flashback and finds Ryan has gotten up to do something: "Dude," Seth says, "the flashback did not take THAT long." Summer later confesses that Taylor actually wrote the poem. As a result, Summer and Seth start to wonder if they are one another's Jimmy Coopers or Sandy Cohens.

Because Julie is less concerned with destiny than with dollars, she has conditionally accepted Bullit's engagement. But over dinner with Frank and Ryan, Taylor asks: "Frank, are you in love with Julie Cooper?" and sets out to get the two of them back together, later telling Julie that she has "a case of the Franks." Ryan thinks she deserves better, until Julie reassures Ryan that she's known a lot of bad men, and Frank Atwood is not one of them.

Then, the episode devolves into a pair of competing, ridiculous schemes, wherein Kaitlin (wearing a "Team Bullit" t-shirt) tries to get her mom to spend Valentine's Day with the billionaire, while Taylor and Ryan are batting for Frank. Along the way, we're treated to a car chase, a romantic dinner at a hot dog stand with Frank, and a scene between Bullit and Kaitlin on an airplane tarmac that pays homage to Casablanca. If I may, I'm just gonna skip ahead here: Julie ultimately comes back to Frank, and Bullit and Kaitlin decide to be friends.

I'll spare you the other hokey flashbacks to Kirsten's college life, since they don't really add up to much. But in case you're wondering about Summer's soul mate George, it turns out that GEORGE actually stands for the Global Environmental Organization Regarding Greenhouse Emissions. The non-profit has been reading Summer's blog about sea otters, and so it sends a representative to her house to offer her a job. (Oh sure, that happens.)

The job will require her to travel and and be away from Seth though, but Summer thinks she can endure. She even gives him a photo collage of great couples through time and says that maybe one day, they can put their own photo in the middle. And with that, I made a retching noise turned off the TV.

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KWM KWM 10 years
I did too :)
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I loved this episode :)
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