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"The OC" Recap: Episode 16, "The End's Not Near, It's Here"

"The OC" Recap: Episode 16, "The End's Not Near, It's Here"

So the series finale of the "The OC" has come and gone, with an hour of television that was at once wonderful and terrible. For the first 20 minutes or so, I found myself wanting to tap the actors on the shoulders and remind them that this was, in fact, the final episode ever and could they please stop wasting time on silly trivialities, such as exposition and Taylor's blog?

Fortunately, about halfway through the episode, they seemed to get the message, delivering plenty of juicy details and referencing everything from The Graduate and "Six Feet Under" to "Deal or No Deal" and "The OC's" own demise. To find out what happened,

So Julie is knocked up and marrying Bullitt, which seems unusually responsible until we learn she's pregnant with Frank's son. As she plans their nuptials, Sandy and Kirsten, who are crashing at the Coopers, find out their house is beyond repair. So Ryan and Seth — who has spent the past six months in a La-Z-Boy watching "Briefcase or No Briefcase" with Summer — head up to Berkeley to see about buying the Cohens' old house.

Billionaire Bullitt gets wind of this and jets up to Berkeley with the Cohens to put an offer on the house. But the guys living there, Todd and Patrick, aren't interested in selling. Oh well, Kirsten asks: "Is the bathroom still in the same place?" and hurries off to pee. When her water breaks, she's forced to — as Bullitt so eloquently puts it — drop child in San Fran.

With a few fairly ridiculous plot twists, everyone ends up in Berkeley, and they decide to have the wedding there. One of the gay guys is a wedding planner, natch, and the couple later agrees to sell the house back to the Cohens. "It's your house. We just live in it." Oh yeah, that's a realistic snapshot of the Bay Area real-estate market.

Meanwhile, all this wedding nonsense has the other couples pondering their futures. Seth thinks he and Summer are stuck in a rut and that she needs to go off to save otters and fulfill her destiny. Ryan and Taylor decide they can just be friends, until they collapse in a lustful pre-marital heap on the bed.

Back in Newport, Frank runs to the church attempting to stop the wedding with an impassioned shout of "Juuuuulie!!!" — only to realize the wedding has been relocated. He calls Kaitlin's cell phone and begs for Julie back. Julie runs inside, Kaitlin follows, and Julie pauses to think: "Not now honey! Mom's try to decide who to marry."

Everyone bids farewell to Summer as she boards the bus for GEORGE then sets about getting on with their lives; Seth and Ryan go to college, Sandy teaches at Berkeley.

Then comes the moment we've all been waiting for: the what-happens-next montage! In a gimmick ripped straight from "Six Feet Under" (except not nearly as good), we fast-forward to see what happens in each character's life. In conclusion:

  • Julie graduates from college. Both Frank and Bullitt are in the audience, so I'm assuming she ends up with Frank, but it's not entirely clear. Thoughts?
  • Seth and Summer get married. Ryan and Taylor are best man and maid of honor and exchange knowing glances.
  • Ryan grows up to be a construction foreman with the exact same hairdo. In a very melodramatic moment, he leaves work one day and encounters a brooding punk kid in Vans. "Do you need help?" Ryan asks.

    Hello, spinoff!

Photos courtesy of Fox

yyam084 yyam084 10 years
the o.c. was in a prime-time slot,so they were battling with ratings..the show died because from season1 ( approximately 12 million watched) and to season 4( 5 million approximately) the show was a hit for 2 seasons..after they killed mischa's character a lot of fans boycotted...especially ryan and marissa fans.... on the other hand oth is not a prime-time slot..i don't get it their ratings is not that strong why it is not even cancelled... Season Timeslot Season premiere Season finale TV season Rank Viewers (in millions) 1 Tuesday 9/8c September 23, 2003 May 11, 2004 2003-2004 #173 3.5 2 Tuesday 9/8c September 21, 2004 May 24, 2005 2004-2005 #109 4.3 [3] 3 Wednesday 8/7c October 5, 2005 May 3, 2006 2005-2006 #137 2.8 [4] 4 Wednesday 9/8c September 27, 2006 June 13, 2007 2006-2007 #136 2.9 [5] 5 Wednesday 9/8c January 2, 2008 May/June 2008 2007-2008 TBA TBA and it got picked up for season 5...
oc-addict-x oc-addict-x 10 years
I loved the finale! I cried so much :( I'll never get over The OC, I know it. I'm so happy that Sethummer got married, it was the perfect ending! I do wish we got more epi's, but I blame Fox for that. OMG i'm gonna miss it soooo much! :cry: R.I.P The OC xxxxxxxx :(
Valerie123 Valerie123 10 years
I loved the end. And I don't mind that there used the spinn-off from six feed under. Thats the oc. Constenly using stuff and making it there on. So SAD its over!
jor2590 jor2590 10 years
amazing episode. cried all the way though, although i was hoping for an hallelujah montage to make a comback.
laluna laluna 10 years
It just finished here, i think i missed most of it :( I saw right up until Kirstens water broke and then i had to go out... I wasn't really a fan of the show but i loved Seth and Summer, glad to know it ended well for them. ~...she's poison in the well, razors in the apple core...~
JennyB JennyB 10 years
ryans not a construction foreman hes an architect which is why he was carrying the blue prints and wearing the nice clothes i loved that part and he when he asked the kid if he needed help the tears just came and the wedding w seth and summer omg so cute its not the same show it was but ill always love it oc forever! haha
Classy-Amelia Classy-Amelia 10 years
It is incredibly sad the O.C. was over. This episode felt very rushed. But other then that, I love how the Cohen's moved to Berkeley. They all seem pretty happy. It is good to see Julie happy and seeing Bullit and Frank at her graduation. Very sweet.
Lbw713 Lbw713 10 years
Where's it showing again on Saturday? Fox??? I don't see it listed in the schedule on
soccer_obsessed soccer_obsessed 10 years
BCBG_girl29 BCBG_girl29 10 years
i admit, this season was not its best but i really enjoyed the season finale. i thought it gave a lot of closure although it did seem a bit rushed. i just didnt undertsand how taylor and ryan left off...
jugginbug jugginbug 10 years
I liked that both Bullitt and Frank were at Julie's grad. I thought it showed that Julie had followed through on her pledge to be her own person (hence graduating from college) and not depend on a husband. I think Frank and Bullitt were both there to support her and perhaps she isn't with either one of them b/c she is depending on herself but they are both still in her life and supportive. I too would have liked a conversation b/w Ryan and Julie. Thought the episode pretty much sucked until the end - too rushed, too fake, too put on - but the end really felt like it wrapped things up and brought some closure to the show.
SassAndBide SassAndBide 10 years
omg the finale was so good i loved it, the only OC episode i truly liked cuz i was never a die hard fan. I only watched like half of this season, and it got better ever since Mischa left, in my opinion. The ending was sorta cheesy but nice at the same time lol. I don't think they're gonna do a spin off, when has a spinoff ever become successful, (remember "Joey") recently anyway? I didn't notice Bullit there at the graduation till u brought it up, I just saw Frank + their son and i assumed she stayed with Frank. Maybe bullit was just there as a friend for kaitlyn and her mom and to support Julie @ her graduation. I dont think there a reason he shouldn't be there, and if they managed to stay friends then no harm done. It also showed Kaitlyn going to college, what college was that? she was wearing a sweatshirt that said WILLARD or something I can't remember lol. The Summer/Setth wedding was cute!
Justinsbelle Justinsbelle 10 years
I agree ladypuppy...a conversation between Ryan and Julie would have been good to see and much needed.
ladypuppy ladypuppy 10 years
I didn't believe the Cohens buying that house. It just really seemed to continue the selfishness that I thought made the third season as horrible as it was. Other than that (and you're so right on the time-wasting in the first half) it was a pretty good finale. I was getting a bit worried about the lack of Ryan-time until his solo walk-through the old house and pilot. I managed not to cry til "I'll unpack later" but it was the last glimpse of Marissa with the sun behind her that really made the flashback. I don't know if Julie's with either Frank or Bulitt by the time of the graduation ceremony. I think Bulitt is there for Caitlyn, and Frank is there for his son. I was really disappointed to not see Ryan there with them, though. After he found out that Julie's going to give birth to his little brother, you'd think that there would have been a conversation between them about it (especially because they've come so far since the first season when she threatened to send him back to juvie and third season when she tried to frame him for attempted murder.) Julie's kind of a step-mom to him now and I would have liked to see him supporting her on her big day. Ryan paying it forward at the end of the episode absolutely made it for me. Best thing they could have done. He's an architect, his dreams came true because of Sandy and company. I love that he knows how lucky he was, what Sandy did for him, and that he's willing to reach out and help someone else. If it does become a spinoff (which I doubt because Ben McKenzie's got a great little movie career going that's only going to take off now) I'd be overjoyed, but even if it doesn't, that moment was enough for me to know that it will go on.
khy8w khy8w 10 years
Also - I don't think Fox should have cut it so short - at least let them finish out this season fully. Props to Josh Schwartz for ending it nicely though. I think the show only got better since Mischa (couldn't stand Marissa!) left, and it's sad others didn't watch as much.
khy8w khy8w 10 years
I loved the finale! I agree w/ Molly - I hate it when shows end their series just like a normal episode. I think they should tell you what happens. I'd like to think Julie ends up with Bullit, because why else would he be there in a Team Julie shirt at her graduation? Frank was there because of his son, and hopefully he has a good relationship with Julie because of their child. But, Bullit had no other reason...I could just be grasping for straws here because I heart Bullit and want him and Julie to be together. OC - I'll miss you so much! :-(
Molly Molly 10 years
Seth and Summer 4-Eva. I was in a RAGE for the first 45 minutes. Seriously pissed that they were focusing on all the wrong people, but they totally won me over with the Six Feet Under knock-off ending. All shows should end by showing you what happens in the future. I don't care if no one will ever do it as well as SFU, I'm a sucker for a future montage. Though I'm happy they stayed away from artificially aging anyone. That just makes me giggle. Okay...uh...I'll stop now.
lemuse20 lemuse20 10 years
Oh yeah! Now that the OC is over, that leaves a door open for another teen angst soap opera (assuming you're not into OTH), and don't worry, Kevin Williamson, the creator of Dawson's Creek is already all over it and has already filmed a few episodes of a new show called Hidden Palms, which is either coming out this spring or summer.
lemuse20 lemuse20 10 years
I don't see why people blame FOX. Mischa left and the show practically died there. Blame it on Mischa. The ratings came in, and it was just not cutting it anymore, ending the show is what was best and I'm sure all the actors are glad and ready to move on to bigger and better things.
t_hive88 t_hive88 10 years
i held back my tears until the very end when i saw summer walking down the isle. oh oc, what will become of my thursday nights??
cutenala69 cutenala69 10 years
i know im just extremely depressed i lived for that show!!!!!
oatmella oatmella 10 years
The episode seemed super rushed, and the very end, which is supposed to give us some closure, seemed to rush by in a minute! I think at the very end, Ryan has become an architect.
Justinsbelle Justinsbelle 10 years
Loved the episode....made me smile and cry all at the same time. I felt though as viewers we were a little rushed and I blame FOX for that...since they cut the season short. And I agree on the spinoff potential of the last scene. That would be great but in reality I dont think they would do it...or that the actors would sign on for it. But I will keep my fingers crossed. All I know is that FOX made a mistake and The OC should have been given more of had at least one more season in it. RIP The OC
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