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The O.C. Recap: Episode 6, "The Summer Bummer"

The O.C. Recap: Episode 6, "The Summer Bummer"

With all of the sordid stuff that's befallen the kids of "The O.C.", Summer getting kicked out of Brown for liberating bunny rabbits just doesn't seem scandalous enough. In fact, for the plodding first half hour of last night's episode, I began to feel like I was being subjected to a very dull date arranged by Kirsten's and Julie's new matchmaking business. We see Summer looking exasperated, Summer talking on the phone to Seth, and Summer and Seth attempting to surprise one another with impromptu visits. Meanwhile, Kirsten tells Ryan that she'd like to "audition for the role of Seth," an offer he hesitantly accepts by telling her that he kissed Taylor and can't stop thinking about her.

If that sounds like a recipe for boredom, well, that's because it was. Thank goodness for Kaitlin Cooper, who you can always count on to spark up a little bit of trouble: In this case, she's attempting to foil the popular girl's pimp-and-ho-themed Sweet 16 party. For more of the hijinks,

Soon, Ryan gets weirded out by his crush on Taylor—not to mention the hokey dream sequences he has to endure—so Taylor succeeds at making him jealous by bonding with a fellow comic-book nerd named Roger. Back at the dating agency, Julie Cooper rebuffs the advances of Bullitt, the fast-talking oil tycoon who's investing in New Match, but she can't help but appreciate the army of hot young male clients that Bullitt has sent her way.

Meanwhile, Julie's daughter Kaitlin throws a party and invites the girls who didn't get invited to the Sweet 16. The incoming kegs cause quite a stir with Summer, who finds herself handcuffed to Che, who is there to make amends and apparently thinks that handcuffs are the key to redemption. Taylor bops around asking people to play Pictionary, while Summer drags Che past a couple making out, shouting "Hey, cut it out! I tan on that chair!"

With that classically O.C. quip, things finally start to get interesting. Kaitlin finds herself playing seven minutes in heaven with Sweet 16 girl's boyfriend, who Kaitlin decides is gay. Turns out she's right, because moments later, Ryan finds him frolicking in the bed with Roger, Taylor's comic book guy, who says he pretended to like Taylor in exchange for an action figure. Her retort: "What if I did rent a homosexual for the evening? And pay him with rare collectibles from Asian cinema?"

Later, Seth pushes Che (and Summer) into the pool, and we learn that Che is really a socialite named Winchester. Then, the girl hosting the pimps and ho's party shows up to confront Kaitlin:

Ho girl: "No one came to my party."
Kaitlin: "So you dressed like a ho for no reason."
Ho girl: "I changed before I got here."

How can you not love Kaitlin?! And speaking of ho's, turns out Julie got more than she bargained for when she decided to set her client's up with Bullitt's army of hot young men, who are under the mistaken impression that they are employed as male escorts. But while Julie protests at first, her female clients don't seem to mind. Will Julie be the one having pimps and ho's parties now? To find out, tune in to Fox next Thursday at 9/8 C.


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