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"The O.C." Recap: Episode 9, "The My Two Dads"

"The O.C." Recap: Episode 9, "The My Two Dads"

On last night's episode of the soon-to-be-cancelled "The O.C.," we saw Ryan's two dads come to blows while Seth and Summer engaged in a sort of engagement detente. Meanwhile, a gratuitous guest appearance by Chris Brown proved that the teen should stick to hip-hop.

"The My Two Dads" had some truly excellent Seth material. Since neither he nor Summer is willing to admit that they got engaged because of the pregnancy scare, Ryan advises Seth to force Summer to make the first move. So Seth showers her with gifts — including the Torah and cooking classes so she can learn her way around the kitchen. Summer, in turn, pushes diamond brochures on Seth and puts him in charge of Pancakes. In one priceless scene, Seth has Pancakes in a baby sling, and when Ryan gives him a hard time, he deadpans: "Don't talk to your nephew that way." But the Seth-Summer antics were merely comic relief for the real drama, so

The main plot, of course, centered on Ryan's real dad, Frank Atwood (Kevin Sorbo), who is out of prison, sober, and taking correspondence courses. During a meeting with Sandy, Frank challenges him to believe that the system works, so Sandy says he'll leave the decision up to Ryan. When Sandy drops by Ryan's work to ask, Ryan says he just think it's too soon to have a reunion.

Frank isn't satisfied with that answer, so he pays a visit to NewMatch and tells them the real story: He is terminally ill with lung cancer and may not have much more time. Sandy doesn't buy it and decides to do some poking around into Frank's medical records, while Kirsten stealthily arranges a meeting between father and son. When Ryan hears about the illness, he decides to sit down with his dad for coffee.

Meanwhile, after a chat with Julie — after all, who knows more about manipulating men than Julie? — Summer springs another whopper on Seth. She doesn't want a big wedding; instead, she wants them to elope in Vegas, right now, and so the two set off on another road trip.

Back at Harbor, Kaitlin is supposed to give a speech from the point of view of Buck, the dog in The Call of the Wild. Her 500 words consist only of the word "ruff," and her teacher thinks she should redo the speech with help from a tutor, new student, Will (Chris Brown). Kaitlin finds him in the band room (when she calls out "hey band geek," the whole room looks up) and basically asks Will to do the work for her. His payback: rewriting her speech using only the word "woof." You'd think if the writers wanted a guest appearance by Brown, they could have at least come up with something less lame.

Later, Frank is invited to dinner at the Cohens' house, and he, Ryan, and Taylor engage in somewhat awkward but relatively normal conversation. As dinner is winding down, however, Sandy gets a call informing him that Frank is actually healthy as a horse. When Sandy asks Frank if he is going to tell Ryan the truth and Frank won't, Sandy ends up punching him in the face, and Frank goes home in a cab. Julie sees him off, and he says he just wanted to lie in order to buy some time. Then, the very honest and rehabilitated Frank hands over Julie's doctored books for the male prostitution ring, just in case she needs them.

As for Seth and Summer, Seth pulls over on the way to Vegas and says he just can't do this! That is, without asking Dr. Roberts for her hand in marriage. So they turn around and head back to the O.C. To find out if they actually go through with it, tune in next week.

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Tiinnaaaa Tiinnaaaa 10 years
i haven't watched it yet.. but from what i read it doesn't seem that good :( i can't believe the OC is ending!!! :(
soccer_obsessed soccer_obsessed 10 years
i loved this episdoe it was amzazing :D
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