Is It OK to Check My Husband's Facebook to Make Sure Nothing Fishy Is Going On?

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Since many spouses share a laptop, iPad, or iPhone, it's not uncommon that both parties have access to each others' social networking accounts. But does that mean it's OK to peek every once in a while?

Good Morning America has narrowed down its search, from over 15,000 applications to the final four "Dear GMA" Advice Gurus, and now they need you to pick your favorite advice giver! The best part? The final four GMA Gurus are advising you on some of the issues us 21st century gals face!

The dilemma: Is it OK to check your hubby's Facebook profile to make sure nothing fishy is going on?

Pick your favorite advice below, then leave us a comment and tell GMA what question you’d like the Gurus to tackle for you!Advertisement