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The Office Cancellation Fan Reaction

Buzz Blabber: Fans Are Ready to Bid Adieu to The Office

It came as a mild surprise this week when NBC announced that The Office's upcoming season would be its last. Though viewers are still tuning in, they don't appear to be too crushed to say goodbye to the once-beloved show. That said, they might still be more likely to TiVo The Office than American Idol, where Nicki Minaj was just named the newest judge. Finally, True Blood is about to wrap up its fifth season, and everyone's wondering whether it'll be able to tie up the many story lines introduced this season.

Will The Office be missed?

  • "I haven't watched in a while. A Dwight spinoff would be a mistake; they've already done so much [with] his character. I'd like to see a Ryan/Creed buddy-comedy spinoff." — onlysourcherry
  • "I'm gonna miss the show, but it's time to end the series. Hopefully Steve Carell makes an appearance!" — popculture whore
  • "I love this show, but it has been going downhill for a while now. Good it is finally ending." — Kristin S.

Check out what you said about American Idol's new judge and True Blood when you


American Idol gained Nicki Minaj but may have lost viewers

  • "This will be the year I leave American Idol. I can't stand her, and I can't believe they have stooped so low as to even approach her! What are they thinking?" — rocchiroad
  • "I've been looking for a reason to quit Idol . . . Here it is." — Jaime H.
  • "Oh, no. She isn't qualified or seasoned enough to be a judge." — Tammie R.

True Blood's got a lot of 'splainin' to do

  • "This season, much like last, lacks direction. If they keep throwing out random story lines — some they actually finish and some that just drift off into the ether — they're going to lose viewers, if they haven't already. Please figure out where you're going with this or next season may be the last that many of us will watch." — bluegirl58
  • "Really, is Alcide worth anything other than running around without a shirt all the time? How gratuitous can you get? I'm wondering if the guy even knows how to smile." — Janet2373373
  • "Bill and Sookie are so over! She'll never forgive him for ordering Jessica to turn her brother. That's it; it's over. Sookie's taking back Eric. Goodbye, Nora." — valleybutterfly
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