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The Office Holiday Episode "Classy Christmas" Recap

The Office, "Classy Christmas": Best Lines of the Night

I'll admit I was leery when I first heard that The Office's holiday episode was going to be a full hour. Call me a Scrooge if you must, but seeing as how the series has been hit or miss, doubling the regular time slot seemed like a terrible idea. But the morning after The Office, I'm a believer. This episode was good — really good. It balanced just the right amount of silly humor with seasonal sweetness.

Michael Scott dons the Santa suit once again, but plans for the regular office party get upended when Toby announces that he's doing jury duty for the Scranton Strangler case. In his place, corporate is sending Holly, which puts Michael in a frenzy. He plans a swankier shindig in her honor, but when she shows up, Michael makes a disappointing discovery: Holly and her boyfriend AJ live together. All is not as bleak as it seems however. Holly reveals that she's giving AJ an ultimatum to propose, so Michael may get his happy ending yet.

Meanwhile, Dwight spends the episode taunting Jim. The guys agree to duel with snowballs, which escalates into Dwight assaulting his enemy. But don't feel too terribly, because Jim still has a nice Christmas thanks to Pam's sweet gift, and it's kind of nice seeing Jim being more vulnerable than usual.


That's what the holidays are about, people: helping your fellow man, family, and snowball fights. I've said enough, but let's chat about a few of the funny lines when you


  • "I have no feeling in my fingers or penis, but I think it was worth it." — Dwight, after attacking Jim with snowballs
  • "It looks beautiful in here, super classy. It's like a party for limousine drivers." — Holly, commenting on the office's holiday twinkle lights (it does look like the inside of a limo!)
  • "That is a great idea, ultimatums are key. Basically nobody does anything for me anymore unless I threaten to kill myself." — Kelly, doling out advice to Holly
  • "Yes, I have a wig for every single person in the office. You never know when you're going to need to bear a passing resemblance to someone." — Dwight, who uses his extensive wig collection to pose as Pam and fool Jim
  • "Wait, wait guys, listen. Toy Story is all about toys that come to life when people aren't looking. You don't think . . . it's not possible . . . that Woody did this to himself?" — Kevin, trying to justify why Holly's Woody doll is damaged with coffee

What did you think of the episode? Did it put you in the holiday spirit? Share your opinion below or head over to The Office community group to chat more!

Photos courtesy of NBC

Join The Conversation
TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 6 years
*eerie Crap. Lol :D
TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 6 years
Fun 1-hour episode! So much happenings! But I have to admit, Jim's bloody face creeped me out. Plus all the snowmEn at the end. I was half expecting the Scranton Strangler to show up just to complete the eery feel. Glad Holly's back. Pam's gift is, to quote Jim, "Awesome."
snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 6 years
Erins parts were really good. classic dwight awesome as always. funny but sad that angela's new guy is gay.. him checking out ryan's butt was LOL... phyllis is cute too.. her and her sassy relationship chats
intensebandgeek intensebandgeek 6 years
"Why don't you ice it? LOL!" So many great one-liners in this episode :)
mihess mihess 6 years
First of all, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I understand that. I also understand that not every episode of The Office is going to be absolutely amazing, but I wish they would get a new writer for this weekly piece. It has become such a drag to read every week that the author doesn't even like the show anymore. It makes me not want to swing by Buzz Sugar at all.
stephley stephley 6 years
I loved Erin but hated this episode - so mean spirited!
popculture-whore popculture-whore 6 years
i thought this was a terrific episode! so funny. i loved the segment of dwight in all the wigs, but it made me a little sad to see jim so scared. but i agree that it was different to see dwight have the upper hand, for once michael was great in the episode. sometimes he's unbearable and does crazy things, but it all comes from his fear of being alone or disliked. i still don't totally get why holly is so dismissive towards him, but i have hope that they'll get together in the end and this has to be said... ryan is looking SO good this whole season. well, i've always thought he was cute but those glasses put him over the top lol. and i liked the part where angela's state senator bf checked out ryan's butt. hahaha
snarkypants snarkypants 6 years
hahahaha i loved erin's wariness of holly. i don't get her appeal either!
supertramp supertramp 6 years
"I'm sorry I can't help you, I'm waiting for my boss's pretty friend to arive." That was hilarious, but I do not buy that Erin doesn't get the wonderful person that is Holly.
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 6 years
Also, I am dying to find a picture online of Dwight in the Pam wig-anyone know where I can get it?!?
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 6 years
I loved how Michael was both silly and sweet this episode-cleaning the Woody doll (albeit he was the one that spilled the coffee on it!!) helping Pam so she wouldn't slip on the ice!! And I LOVED Dwight in all the wigs-hysterical!! That quote at the end about how snowball fights aren't really about snowballs, it's about fear! hysterical :-)
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