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The Office Introduces Pam and Jim's Baby on March 4

Do You Think Baby Halpert Can Give The Office a Boost?

The Office has been going downhill lately, and I'm starting to wonder if our days at Dunder Mifflin are numbered. Don't get me wrong: I still adore the characters, but the magic and hilarious one-liners that I so enjoyed in the first few seasons are harder and harder to find these days. With Jim and Pam as the heart of the show, maybe they hold the key to turning it all around. I'm not a huge fan of how smug they've become around the office since getting together, but there's no denying the sweetness of their wedding episode.

Much like their nuptials, NBC is making it very well known that the baby is just around the corner (right after the Olympics on March 4, to be exact). Which brings me to my question: will their little one be a game changer? Naturally, it's going to affect the characters' lives, but will it also bring some fresh jokes and hilarious new situations to the show? Weigh in: do you think baby Halpert will give The Office a much-needed boost?

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