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The Office Recap "Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager"

The Office, "Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager": Best Lines of the Night

So now we see what life on The Office is like without Michael Scott, or even his replacement, Deangelo Vickers: utter chaos. Seems the Scranton branch can run just fine without a manager, so when Jo calls Jim up to offer him the acting manager position, he declines — which is the wrong move, because the next thing you know, the temporary boss is Dwight and he abuses every power he can. His tyranny is short-lived, though, because he brings a gun onto the office floor, and you know, shoots it. We'll see a few more candidates for the job on next week's season finale, but until then, let's talk about how funny this week is.

To read my favorite lines of the night, just read more.

  • "Dwight doesn't trust robots to give us our messages." — Erin, explaining to Gabe why she doesn't have voice mail
  • "Dwight went on a shooting spree, and then he shot Andy in the head." — Kelly, retelling the shooting incident a bit differently to Toby
  • "I love you guys, but don't cross me, but you're the best!" — Dwight, trying to ensure that no one will tell on him
  • "You were in hysterics and my maternal instincts kicked in." — Andy, telling Gabe why he said he wouldn't date Erin again
  • "Knead it like a pizza." — Kevin, forcing Dwight to give him a back massage so he won't tell Jo he shot a gun

Things are definitely starting to feel off balance with Michael gone, and I'm not sure things will improve once a new manager is installed. Still, I did like that we got to see a bit of a return of the classic Jim/Dwight rivalry. Also, I like both Andy and Erin, and I'd like them together, but I'm starting to tire of their drawn-out separation. Get them together already! Now I'd love to hear from you — what did you think of the episode?

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